10 Best Parenting Tips Everyone Needs To Know

10 Best Parenting Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Parenting isn’t just reproducing an offspring depending on the breeding system and reproduction organs. This is beyond the concept of good parenting. This function is carried out by every living species of this planet. Parenting is bearing and nurturing a human person into a worthy and valuable being for the world we live in. And this requires some toil, mostly sweet but bitter at sometimes. Considering its significance, here we suggest the 10 best parenting tips everyone needs to know for embracing a positive parenting style.

10 Best Parenting Tips Everyone Needs To Know

1- First Of All, Define Yourself As A Parent

You are no more the same person you were before bringing home that tiny crying bundle from the hospital. You have to have a clear picture of yourself as a parent; what kind of parent you want to be; what words can be used to define you by your kids; or what should be the standing of your child among his/her peers regarding his/her parents and parenting. It’s you, to shape and plan before your child. You have to take the start with yourself!

2- Introduce Respect

Respect is always a two-way system, in any natural environment. For placing the idea of respect in the new mind, a parent should convert himself to the respect-version. It isn’t any royal ceremonial salute system, rather it is a very simple manner to make the new-born feel respected from the very first touch, first sound, and sonic tone. This a must Do. There is no other short or long way to it. For being a respectful parent, your new-born should feel respected before even learning or recognizing anything in the world.

3- Individual Person

Every child is an individual person on its own. And this idea needs to be placed while a child is getting his conscious mind in the developing stage. An individual status is linked to the previous point: respect, but it covers a lot more area than only being respected and give respect. Having a basic sense of individual feeling and having some individual space, is directly related to dealing with playing alone, enjoying one’s own company, developing patience, holding responsibilities, etc. All these concepts are actually stemmed from the sense of individual status.

4- Parenting Is All Love But Within Strictly Defined LImits

Love has to be embedded in every step, and yes, it comes naturally when you are going to be a parent. All that you have to do is to draw some fine lines for love and devotion. There are some grey areas between a parent’s love and a child’s development. A parent has to watch for all those cheat areas where a child may tend to get a love margin and the development may be neglected. Love holds the basic importance in the parenting, not only for imparting it to the child but also receiving back the love, as it is of vital importance for parents too. Never deny the fact, a parent needs it too. However, this is one of the 10 best parenting tips everyone needs to know.

5- Health And Mental Health

For building foundations of a sound personality, physical and mental health take the first place. Physical health should be watched by a healthy diet, a clean environment, proper sports, and posture and speech guidance and so on. Whereas the area of mental health requires much more ahead of this, like avoiding hurtful, abusive and insulting language, never putting the child in unfair competition positions, never undermining, never mentioning any physical problem like being underweight, pale, weak, etc. For this specific point, a parent has to develop a lot of control and learn to hold a lot and at times stop many abrupt/unconscious responses. A child’s weakness could be turned in strengths with the efforts of a parent.

6- Create/formulate A Calm Person

Yes, this has to be worked in the very beginning, in the cradle. A child’s brain starts to develop the brain process and patterns in the early few months. And the hearing sense, which is said to have been working since the sixth month in the womb, helps the child to form a pattern for the brain. A parent’s voice tone actually draws the basic sketch for a personality, even if some of the personality traits come genetically, but parenting is the key developing. Every word heard by the child is drawing a pattern, especially during the feed, bath, clothes changing, sleeping. Early after birth, every touch, hug, and sound shapes the brain, and as the child grows, these things play more important roles. At some stage, connecting with nature can impact the child with relaxing and calm effects.

7- Every Child Is A Whole New Package Of The Creator

Every child holds a complete package of capabilities and skills. Parents have to nourish and explore their child’s creativity and skills and for this, a firm bond is required between parents and child. Take out time and personal presence with full of your energy to share with the child. A parent has to recognize his/her importance in the child’s life, regarding material and financial support in setting the basic structure and status of the life of a child, his education and personality.

8- Some Crude Lessons

For being a responsible adult, a parent must explain financial facts, saving techniques, and relationship management. Any successful person must be aware of negativity and its effect and how these can be managed or avoided. So a child must be taught by his parents how to by-pass negative, controlling and toxic people and how to be least prone to the effects of such situations in schools, offices or relations.

9- Jumping To Explain

For all the taboo matters, a parent must be haste enough to explain serious problems for the child, so that the child can have a clear picture of the issue, without being in confusion or wrongly informed. This places the foundation bricks for a stable and confident person, with clear information. This may include all the elusive topics prevailing in the society or world.

10- Decision Making

A parent is one who has to work for the decision-power building of the child. A child must be taught to analyze facts, compare situations, prioritizing between opportunities to make decisions. This has to be started very early while playing and dealing with toys and siblings. A child must be tendered to follow a time-table and watch for meal times and play hours. There should be a study time inserted in the schedule as the child grows. We all know that successful legends of our world are those who have taken the right decisions at the right times in their lives. And better to learn this skill at home than to gain it after some bad experience. However, these are the 10 best parenting tips everyone needs to know for developing effective parenting skills.

Parenting is making the world, formatting the persons for upcoming times, and sharing your part in this amazing job. And yes, it gives back a lot, of Love, of gratitude, of contentment, and of joy.

However, these were some of the 10 best parenting tips everyone needs to know for adopting an appropriate parenting style.

By Sarwat Abdul Jabbar 

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