10 Effective Weight Loss Tea Remedies



Everyone enjoys tea particularly when people use it for the purpose of losing weight. There is a number of weight loss tea remedies that we love to intake to reduce weight. Simply,  people make it by pouring hot water onto tea leaves. They allow them to steep for a few minutes too. So, their flavor fuses into the water. For instance, the Asian residents make it from the leaves of Camellia sanseis as an effective weight loss tea. In this article, we have chosen 10 effective weight loss tea remedies for you that you should try to get your desired outcomes.

There is a lot of advantages of using the weight loss tea that you can make from available ingredients in your kitchen. One of the main advantages is that such kind of weight loss tea protects cells from damage and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It fights stubborn belly fat and boosts up your metabolism to reduce weight quickly.

By considering its need and significance, we have chosen this theme to enlighten you about the best and effective weight loss tea remedies that you can intake easily on empty stomach for a certain time period to get your desired results.

Here’s a rundown of 10 effective weight loss tea remedies are as follows:

10 Effective Weight Loss Tea Remedies

1- Peppermint Tea

A peppermint tea speeds up digestion. It helps to burn calories too. People use the peppermint tea leaves to make a refreshing light tea. Individuals can drink it hot or chilled.

  • Take a tablespoon of dried or fresh leaves to prepare the tea.
  • Add them to boiling water and let it steep for four to five minutes.
  • Strain and if needed add honey.

2- Star Anise Tea

A star anise tea is the fruit of a small evergreen tree. It is native to China. People use it to treat digestive troubles. Nausea, an upset stomach, and diarrhea, for example. So:

  • Steep a whole pod in one cup of hot water for ten minutes.
  • Strain it.
  • Sweeten it up or drink it without sugar.
  • Sip it slowly when an upset stomach occurs.

3- Green Tea 

Green tea has a chemical EGCG. It speeds up the metabolism of a body. So, individuals lose kilos. Green tea burns seventy calories in a day. It has catechins and antioxidants too. They boost up the metabolic process of green tea and help to burn fat. People should steep this tea from two to three minutes.

Those who drink a large amount of green tea for twelve weeks lose 0.44 to 7.7 pounds (3.49 kilograms) more than those who do not drink it. Matcha is a green tea that has a large number of catechins. Women who consume three grams of Matcha in a day burn a greater amount of fat with exercise than those who do not drink it, for instance.

Green tea has caffeine that promotes weight loss. It boosts energy levels and improves performance during exercise. It lowers blood pressures. Individuals do not develop heart diseases, cancers, and diabetes.

4- Rose Tea

Rose tea is one of the oldest flavored teas available. People mix fresh roses and the bud of the tea. This mixture has a major effect on the human body. It clears toxins and beautifies the skin. Rose tea contains the following vitamins, for example:

  • A
  • B3
  • C
  • D
  • E

This tea acts against infections. It prevents constipation and helps to lose weight.

5- Oolong Tea

The oolong tea is semi-fermented. It affects stronger than green tea. This tea promotes the burning of fat. It reduces cholesterol and the concentration of fat in the body. Individuals drink two cups a day. They steep it from 30 seconds to five minutes if they drink a full-bodied cup.

6- Black Tea

Black tea has a darker color and a stronger flavor because it is oxidized. It has a large number of polyphenols containing a group of a compound of polyphenol called flavonoids. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. They help to reduce body weights. Polyphenols reduce the intake of calories and stimulate the breakdown of fats too. They boost the growth of friendly gut bacteria.

7- White Tea

White tea is minimally harvested and processed when the tea plant is still young. This tea has a very distinct flavor. It tastes subtle, slightly sweet and delicate. White tea improves oral health and kills cancer cells. It helps to lose body fat and weight too. According to a study, the extracts of white tea have a large number of catechins that enhance weight loss. They increase the breakdown of fats and prevent the formation of new ones.

8- Puerh Tea

Puerh tea is called pu-eh tea or Pu-erh tea. It is a Chinese black tea. People ferment it. Individuals enjoy it after a meal. It has an earthy aroma that develops the longer it is stored. This tea lowers blood triglycerides and blood sugar. It enhances weight loss. For example, 2.2 pounds (1 kg) after three months. This tea has an anti-obesity effect. So, it helps to suppress weight gain.

9-Herbal Tea

People infuse herbs spices and fruits in hot water to make herbal teas. They have no caffeine and are not made from the leaves of Camellia sanesis. Famous herbal teas are, for instance:

  • A rooibos tea or red tea
  • A rosehip tea
  • A hibiscus tea
  • A ginger tea

The ingredients and formations of herbal teas vary significantly. They help to reduce weights. For example, rooibos tea burns fats effectively. It increases the metabolism of fat. This tea helps to block the formation of fat cells too.

The ginger is a popular spice that adds flavor to dishes. It is a herbal remedy and it treats colds, nausea, and arthritis.

Ginger tea reduces weights and appetite and increases the expenditure of calories effectively. Individuals experience increased fullness and decreased hunger.

10- Detox Teas

People make a detox tea at home by the following steps:

  • Add a half teaspoons of the following in a pan:
  1. Cumin seeds
  2. Fennel seeds
  3. Coriander seeds
  4. Carom seeds
  • Add a one and a half glass of water into that pan.
  • Boil it until one glass of water remains only.

This tea helps in digestion, reduces heaviness in the stomach and boosts immunity. It suppresses a person’s appetite, burns calories and helps in weight loss. Individuals drink one glass of this detox tea after dinner.

Tea soothes an individual and has a delicious taste. It helps to burn calories too. So, a cup or two each day with a healthy diet and regular exercise help to reduce your weight effectively and quickly.

Remember, if you want to get the best outcomes, then you will have to be consistent in the journey of weight loss.

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi) 


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