10 Essential Rules To Live a Happy Life

10 Essential Rules to Live a Happy Life

Happiness is a state of mind. Great riches, stylish boats, the mansion, fancy cars, and lives with no work do not bless individuals with a happy life. Society feeds everyone with many suggested routes of happiness. However, they lead them to fits of depression and early graves. The basic rules of a happy life are simple. Here are the 10 essential rules to live a happy life. To stay delighted, everyone should learn them.

10 Essential Rules To Live a Happy Life

1- Turn the happiness switches on

People are born with switches of happiness. When they were young, then with hearts full of joy, they would race from school, because it was out. Small mini-experiences make children happy, and their hearts race. However, the wonderous experiences that individuals crave when they grow old do not give them reasons to smile or live a happy life. Everyone can find these small switches of happiness within themselves. They must always keep them turned on to their happiness levels.

2- Happiness is not a destination but a journey

Nature has given everybody the book of life, a magic book. It has an end, a beginning, and a middle. They ought to enjoy the journey of their story and focus on fulfillment. People need to savor each word and live every page. They should live each day like it is their last.

3- Learn to cope with frustration

Total control in life is never an option. Individuals get frustrated about different things for different reasons. For a happy life, everyone must raise their frustration tolerance. They ought to let go of being in control. A lot of controlling feeds frustration and kills all the chances of a happy life.

4- Embrace the present & live in the moment

No one needs to keep waiting for tomorrow to arrive. No one has to hope that the next day will bring them more of what makes them happy. Right now, or today is all that they have. For a happy life, everybody needs to look for ways to stay happy, at the moment. They should live their dreams, make enjoyable and blissful memories with their family members, and let their imagination soar.

It does not matter what it takes because it is their journey. To make themselves happy, if someone banks on winning the lottery, then they are on the wrong tracks. So. instead of putting a blissful life on hold, until a mythical day in the future, individuals must create happiness now and do things that they are supposed to do. They can take each waking hour as it comes and not plan or predict things too far. They ought to do their best, live in the moment, and embrace the differences because change is constant in life.

5- Understand your life’s purpose

People feel happy and content when they are in sync with the purposes of their lives. If someone does not know what their aims and values in lives are, then they must look at the things that make their hearts sing, and what they stand for. So, understanding one’s purpose in life is one of the 10 essential rules to live a happy life.

6- Pursue achievable goals with reason

In the morning, goals inspire individuals to get out of their beds. Achievements are the essence of hope. Someone who lives a happy life always strives to mid-term, short, and long-term goals. However, at the risk of their well-being, they do not pursue them. Everybody ought to follow their dreams and set goals in life. However, in a balanced way, they need to weave them into their life.

7- Simplest things are wonderful

Individuals must enjoy the simple things in life. They ought to take time out each day. Many millionaires believe that money is not everything. No one needs to chase the pleasures of life. They can follow the small ones, though. Nature has strewn tiny sparkling diamonds across everybody’s life paths. Chasing pleasures makes them miss unique sparkles.

8- Giving, sharing, blessing, and selfless kindness

If someone gives others, then they will receive only. However, people should keep giving, and they must forget about the receiving bit. If somebody gives themselves, or a percentage of their money, then it rewards them with a blessed and bountiful, happy life, it is a universal law.

9- Don’t let the past color your future

The past is over, and it has happened. After flowing under the bridge, the water has disappeared from an individual’s view. In its wake, it has left freshwater behind it. If the Almighty blesses someone with a happy life, then they know that they have no power to change those events that have occurred already. So, they ought to not waste time worrying about the past. However, everyone needs to focus on the things that they can accomplish and change at the moment.

10- For achievement never sacrifice family

Dream-houses, money, and fancy cars do not mean that somebody lives a happy life. For great wealth, everybody sacrifices large chunks of their time. They relegate loved ones to second-best or fail relationships. People are too busy to remember anniversaries and celebrate birthdays. So, they miss their kid’s childhood years. If there is no one important to share fancy trappings, then they are of no good at the end of the day. So, the family is more significant than achievements.

Therefore, happy life is about family, love, friendship, dreams, hope, adventures, and gratitude. Some rules or key ingredients make lifestyles healthier, satisfying, and happier. Eleanor Roosevelt says that a happy life is a by-product of living well, not a goal. Smiles on toddlers’ faces or Sunday afternoons, sitting in the backyard, reading a book fill cups in different ways, and give keys to sustainable happiness, throughout life.

Societies make everyone believe that social status leads to a happy life. However, these distractions keep minds occupied for a while only. Everyone needs to reduce harm and stress to themselves and others. They can achieve goals for a happy life. These are the 10 essential rules to live a happy life, and people can adapt to them to live blissfully.

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

10 Replies to “10 Essential Rules To Live a Happy Life”

  1. You are the only one who can make you happy. And your happiness is directly proportional to your good behavior with others. These 10 rules are life saving!!!

    1. Thank you 😊. Yes I agree 💯. Your happiness lies within you only but we have forgotten this and try to search it in other things.
      People give less importance to good behaviors these days that’s what I tried to convey here through point no 8 “giving sharing blessings and selfless kindness”.

    2. Thank you 😊. Yes I agree 💯. Your happiness lies within you only but we have forgotten this and try to search it in other things.
      People give less importance to good behaviors these days that’s what I tried to convey here through the point 8 giving sharing blessing and selfless kindness

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