10 Essential Things To Do Before 30

10 Essential Things To Do Before 30

Life is an ever-changing phenomenon and at times these changes happen so rapidly that we lose pace following them, for example winding up our twenties and hitting on to thirties is a change where we have to chose and decide very wisely between our most essentials needs and the least ones. The choices we make and decisions we take decide the course of our lives in future. Here is a list of 10  things essential to do before 30,this will make easier to choose from the list of countless  option of essential things.

10 Essential Things To Do Before 30

 1- Gateway to Success

Education is your gateway to success, it’s the only key that opens all the doors of opportunities coming your way, the first and foremost essential is to carry the right kind of qualification and education if you wish for a bright and secure future.

2- Set Your Goals

Goals  are the guiding stars in our lives they provide us with the road maps to travel to reach our destination. The road leading to our targets might be torturous but these goals  keep us focused and dedicated in achieving them.

3- Old enough to decide and Young enough to do it

Winding up the twenties and moving towards thirties is a crucial period of our lives where we are old enough to decide and young enough to do it, so its better to leave the snug like a bug in the rug attitude and move out of our comfort zones provided by the shadow of an umbrella of our parents and make practical decisions for our career and our future.

4- Lifestyle Changes

The journey of crossing from one decade to another isn’t easy we have to change a lot. The need of the body will be changing so we should also concentrate to adapt to the needs of our body accordingly, the late-night parties and eating unhealthy and junk food should be avoided ,a daily healthy routine should be followed that includes waking up early, eating healthy and preferable home-cooked food, trying going to bed early too. A very popular quote we all are familiar with “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy ,and wise.”

5- Health is Wealth

Health is wealth we are all familiar with this phrase, we might have heard it millions of time but its real importance becomes evident in old age, this is the essential thing we should never compromise upon, eating healthy, trying to avoid unnecessary stress and following a fitness regime like Walking for half an hour, yoga or any kind of physical activity that one finds doing it easily and religiously must be included in our daily routine, healthy body is the best place to live in.

6- Get rid of Our Worst Fears

While climbing the ladder of age from twenties to thirties we carry along so many unnecessary fears. Some of us might fear what will happen in the future, some might fear old age and loneliness Garescophobia is the fear mostly seen in people at this age, we should all bear in mind that aging is inevitable and we can’t stop it only we can do one thing that is to age gracefully.

7- Try to get rid of Your Bad Habits

This is the best time to get rid of your bad habits, some of these bad habits ruin us physically like smoking, drinking, or drug-related addiction and some are dangerous to our soul, like holding grudges, lying or being jealous. This is the best time to uproot these evils as with time they get deeply rooted and destroys us both physically and mentally.

8- Tie a knot and take care of Your Family Ties

Some might not agree but this is the best time to find your soulmate. In our journey of life, we all need someone to be with us ,to share our happiness and sorrows, to give solutions and suggestions when we face problem, family is the best bank to lean upon for the solution of our problems. Starting a family at an e early age is also beneficial  as we get more time to spend with our kids and enjoy all the milestones of their lives. It is also important to mention here that we must strengthen our existing family ties with our parents and blood relatives. Paying them regular visits often will ensure a strong bonding plus it will send an early message in our kids minds to follow on our footsteps. Family is the best shadow to sit under when we need one from the troubles and hardships of this world.

9- Learn to Cook

Cooking is the most essential tool to carry in our journey in moving towards the 30s the benefit of knowing how to cook are unlimited ,it has both social and economical benefits, we can socially become more prominent in our social circle if we cook nice and tasteful food, the economical benefits of cooking became more evident now with the ongoing covid 19 economical turmoil when many of us switched to cooking and took it up as a business be it full time or part-time. Also its famous that the way to the heart  goes through the stomach. so if one intends to win the heart one should learn to cook.

10- Save Some for a Rainy Day

Money is the basic necessity after our basic needs like food, air ,water, and shelter. It is very important to save some for a rainy day because we are unaware of what the future holds in for us. Saving and budgeting before our thirties also make us mentally relaxed and financially more stable. We humans are sailing in the tides of time with our essential belongings, its depends upon us to decide that our most essentials not be overtaken by our least ones. Our wisely and a timely decision not only defines us but also our future. Think wisely and act timely for a happy, healthy and prosperous future.

By Afsheen Irshaad

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