10 Foods To Eat In The Cold Rainy Weather

10 Foods To Eat In The Cold Rainy Weather

When it rains, everyone thinks about tea and blankets. People enjoy the chilly winter rains. Individuals enjoy spicy foods with friends too. Pakistan associates rain with lip-smacking snacks. When the rain pours, people crave crunchy meals. Individuals enjoy the rain with tea at stalls. They cook French fries and other snacks at home. So, in this foggy, cool rainy weather, here we suggest the10 foods to eat in the cold rainy weather.

10 Foods To Eat In The Cold Rainy Weather

1- When people see the tempting samosas, stomachs rumble. They are the best snacks with green mint sauces in cold rainy weather. Individuals buy them from the vendors or make them at home. They have different types. For instance, those made with potatoes, vegetables, and meat. People wrap them in thin layers of crispy pastry and mashed potatoes.

2- Rains and pakoras go perfectly well together. These deep-fried oily snacks are Pakistan’s favorite. Their aroma and taste with sauces make perfect combinations. Individuals prepare them at home with tea. They buy for the family too. People enjoy the onion ones at offices.

3- Tea and rain is a fabulous combination. Tea is a favorite beverage when it rains. It keeps individuals warm. Therefore, they should treat themselves with tea in chilled rains. People enjoy cold evenings while sipping hot tea. They enjoy it sitting under umbrellas too.

4- In rains, individuals enjoy carrot halwa. It is a light dessert. It has milk and sugar. It has carrots and ghee too. People cook it at home. They invite friends to enjoy a plate of this sweet dish. Individuals enjoy it with khoya and nuts when it pours.

5- On rainy days, French fries are enjoyable. Children love crispy French fries. People serve them hot and salted. They top fries with garlic mayo, chili garlic sauce, and tomato ketchup. Individuals top them with cheese and spices too. When it rains, people fry them at home. They buy crispy fries to make days super too.

6- Winter is nothing without soups. For example, chicken corn soup, vegetable soup, and hot and sour soup. However, corn soup brings soup lovers to hotels. It has taste and warmth. On rainy days, corn soup is a perfect partner in the evenings. Corn soup is among the 10 foods Pakistan eats in the winter rains.

7- Individuals love to eat fish in the winter. It prevents a cold. Pakistan sells fish on hand carts, stalls, and bicycles. People buy it easily. On rainy days, they enjoy with families.

8-  Individuals cannot resist dried fruits in winters. For instance, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. They satisfy food cravings. Dried fruits have nutrients and vitamins. When it rains, they give warmth and energy.

9- Fresh hot jalebis taste delicious in the winter rains. People dip these pretzel-shaped sweets in sugary syrup. They are perfect with tea and other refreshments.

10- Hot and crispy potato parathas are the best in rains. Individuals serve them with pickles and plain yogurt. They are hot and delicious. Homemade ones are the best. They are the kings at breakfast. These are mouth-watering shallow-fried bread. To make them, people stuff mashed potatoes, spices, and chilies in flour dough. They melt butter on them too.

Therefore, rain adds taste to food. Individuals crave for luscious foods in the rain. They hit the road-side stalls too. These foods add flavor and delight to rainy experiences. People should savor all these appetizing foods. They should enjoy the rain as well. Therefore, these are the 10 foods to eat in the cold rainy weather.

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

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