10 Healthy Reasons To Drink Coffee

10 Healthy Reasons To Drink Coffee

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the globe. With its delicious taste and characteristic aroma, coffee tends to satisfy the taste buds of many consumers. On the same hand, there are a bunch of reasons to drink coffee for a healthy life. Out of these numerous reasons, 10 healthy reasons to drink coffee are briefly described as under:

10 Healthy Reasons To Drink Coffee

1- Helps to reduce Depression 

Depression is one of the most widely discussed topics nowadays. Drinking coffee boosts the production of dopamine and serotonin which helps to elevate the mood thus reducing depression.

2- Beneficial for Weight Loss 

Naturally containing potassium and magnesium, Coffee possesses the ability to help the body to use insulin which regulates blood sugar therefore coffee is helpful in solving problems related to weight.

3- Increase Metabolic Rate 

One of the major components present in coffee is “caffeine” which tends to burn body fat for the production of energy. Consuming coffee increases metabolic rate thus results in fat burn. But too much caffeine intake turns out to be harmful for human consumption.

4- Prevents Cancer

10 healthy reasons to consume coffee include lowered chances of cancers including prostate cancer in men and endometrial cancer in women. Drinking coffee prevents the growth of abnormal cells in the body. Caffeine prevents the development of a type of skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma.

5- Makes You Feel Less Tired

Packed with the stimulant “caffeine”, coffee relaxes the brain making an individual feel less tired. Drinking coffee makes an individual action in getting rid of tiredness.

6- Improves Brain Functioning 

Drinking coffee improves the functioning of the brain and enhances memory. Coffee is known as one of the stimulant beverages for the brain and nervous system.

7- Prepare for Fight or Flight Responses

Coffee increases the levels of epinephrine in the blood which prepares the body for “Fight or Flight” responses in the way that the physical functioning of the body enhances.

8- Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by elevated levels of sugar in the blood as a result of lower secretion of insulin from the pancreas. As drinking coffee maintains insulin levels, it is said to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

9- Reduces chances of Degenerative Brain Diseases

As drinking coffee improves the functioning of the brain, it is considered beneficial for the prevention of degenerative brain diseases like dementia (memory loss), Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

10- Protective Liver 

Performing about 400 functions, the largest organ and gland of the body – the liver, need to be healthy. Coffee is found to be a good beverage that prevents cirrhosis and other liver diseases that may be fatal.

Consequently, coffee is an excellent beverage to be consumed within limits. Exceeding coffee intake beyond limits can lead to anxiety, heart palpitations, and jitteriness.

By Sara Ali 

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