10 lockdown birthday ideas to make it special

10 lockdown birthday ideas to make it special

Nowadays, when everybody is confined to the home and spending time without friends amidst the coronavirus lockdown, people are feeling helpless to celebrate each moment together.  The majority of people are confused about how to celebrate birthdays from long distances without friends and fun. Keeping in view, today, we have compiled the 10 lockdown birthday ideas that you can try to make your birthday special.

10 Lockdown Birthday Ideas 

1-Present Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt will make the present element of the day take longer than usual, and can really add excitement to an ordinary home. This will be fun and will take as well ( which makes it better than sitting ). For younger children, you can use a hot and cold system and for elder children, you could write cryptic clues. Which they have to solve to find the other clues.

2- Water Fight

This idea is best if you have a garden, it is hot outside and if it’s your kid’s birthday.
Kids love to play with water, it is really fun to play and this idea also takes up a lot of energy (which is good than lying around the house ). All you need to do is to go outside and then make a battlefield. You can use soft play blocks and garden toys to make a barricade. You can split into teams and head to battle.

3- Family Back Off

You can also have a family bake-off, if your child loves to bake or if it is your mother’s birthday. It’s really fun and this idea is best to do in lockdown because you really can’t go anywhere and you have a lot of time to spend with your family. You can split into teams of two, you have to bake a delicious cake in half an hour. You can make your mom the judge or your grandmother.

4- Virtual Celebration  

You can cut the cake with your family on zoom and then have a game night. All you have to do is to call your family or friends. You can cut the cake together and then blow the candles. You can also have a game night. You can split into teams and then can play Pictionary or you have to act a thing you are given by the other member in fifteen minutes and the other members have to guess what it is. This one is the best among the 10 lockdown birthday ideas.

5 – Do Camping In Your Lawn

You can also camp outside your lawn all you have to do is bullied a tent outside put some sleeping bag in it, make a fire for if you have small children don’t make one( optional). You can also make s’ mores by placing marshmallows and some chocolate between two biscuits and then melting it all up together or can make something else. You can also call your friends and family on zoom and imagine you are camping with them. At night you can eat s’ mores and tell each other horror stories or just stare at the stars.

6-Have a Spa Day

If it is your mother’s or your elder sister’s birthday this is the best idea. In a lockdown, moms are working really hard as they have to entertain their kids or have to do house chores, but on her birthday she wants to relax. So, this is the best idea for kids if they have to make their mom’s birthday special in lockdown. All you have to do is to get a few masks, cut some cucumbers, and get some nail polishes. You can also give her a massage for at least half an hour.

7-Play Golf

If it is your father’s birthday and if he loves to play golf this is the best idea you can do. You can set up a mini-golf course by putting a tee in the ground of your lawn and then put a net at the end of the lawn and in the middle put a target sign. Then call your dad’s friends on zoom so that they can play golf together.

8- Netflix Party

Did you know you could host a Netflix party? All you need to do is just download the Netflix app which is requires a paid subscription. It has an in-built feature of video playback and adds group chat. So, you can watch a movie with your friends at home safely.

9-Create a Beach In Your Backyard

If your child insists on going to a beach and you can’t go due to lockdown. We have the perfect solution, you can totally make a beach at home. You just need to be creative. Place a sheet in the ground of your lawn, add some sand and then put a kiddie pool and then decorate it a bit. You can also add some fake trees and an umbrella to make it realistic.

10- You Can Make An Obstacle Course 

If your kids love adventure this is the best idea. You can set up a tunnel and then add a few fake plants and a few fake animals (to make the area look a bit realistic ). You can crawl over some chairs, also you can crawl between a string,  stretched between to chair legs, and jump into a holla hoop five times or you can walk on a balance board.

These are the 10 lockdown birthday ideas that we have compiled for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just try one of these best ideas to celebrate the birthday of your loved ones and make it special.

By Zainab Malik 

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  1. Interesting ideas I would definitely try a few of them…beautiful writing…wish you more success in the coming years InshaAllah ❤️

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