10 Reasons Why Women With Anxiety Are The Strongest


10 Reasons Why Women With Anxiety Are The Strongest

Anxiety and Depression are the two most common psychological diseases prevalent across the globe. It affects the overall lifestyle of a person who is battling anxiety or depression, and you will be amazed to know that there’s a large number of ratios of females struggling with anxiety or depression. Those women are strongest because they know how to deal with mental illness that takes a lot of courage to live.  However, researchers have found the 10 reasons why women with anxiety are the strongest.

In this way, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported that there’s an increased rate of those women likely to suffer from anxiety or depression as compared to the man. It is not so easy to tackle the crippling effects of anxiety or depression. And in such a way, there’s a need to applaud those women who are the victims of anxiety or depression.

The studies reveal that those women who are fighting with anxiety or depression are the strongest. And such kind of woman is brave who deserves much recognition.

Here are 10 reasons why women with anxiety are the strongest.

10 Reasons Why Women With Anxiety Are The Strongest

1- They fight every day

Anxiety is inevitable which can attack a person any time anywhere. This way, it’s a challenging situation for women struggling with anxiety. They don’t know when they will have to face panic attacks, racy thoughts, and other disturbing factors. They just have to pretend normal and try to grapple with an anxious mind and get work done perfectly.

2- They are sensitive and emotional

Those women who are battling with anxiety have deep emotions and sensitivity. They are good at understanding others ‘pain and feelings. They have a sense of empathy, and they can be good partners as well.

3- They are brave and smart

These women are smart because they know how to tackle the overall circumstances with an anxious mind. They are well prepared for everything because of their ability to face social gatherings or public groups even when they feel disturbed inside.

4- They deal with judgments

Those women have strong feelings and emotions, and people always judge them wrong because of their intensity of emotions. They just want a person who understands them by heart. But such kind of women always being targeted by everyone saying ‘you overthink a lot.’

5- They are their own friends

Women with anxiety know that no-one will understand their anxiety, panic attacks, racy thoughts, sweaty palms, and racy heartbeat. At that point, they don’t lose their confidence and becomes their own friend. Even they set their goals and continue working.

6- They live vivaciously

Women with anxiety know how to put the splashing smile on their lips, and they know the art of living vivaciously, even when they feel alone.  They behave like a lively and spirited person in front of others.

7- They are good at pretending

Women with anxiety know the art of pretending happy and normal in front of others. They just know how to make others happy with their kind acts.

8- They never give up

Women with anxiety never give up in any situation and continue their battle. Their mental health doesn’t define their future, so they have their dreams and goals like you and me.

9- They believe in trial and error theory

They learn from their mistakes and believe in trial and error theory. When they do mistake and failed, they never quit. But they always struggle and make every possible effort to accomplish their goals.

10- They accept challenges

They are never afraid of challenges. They are well-determined to face and fight all battles of life.  They are bold enough to handle everything by own. They have high spirits and passionate about achieving something in life. This strength helps them to push forward and never look back.

So, these are some of the reasons who make them stand out among all. Let’s praise them together and give them a good place in our life.

Kudos to all those brave women battling with anxiety or depression.

By Pirah Aijaz (Karachi)





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