10 Ways to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

10 Ways to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

“Tourism” is a word we are all familiar with for sure. Tourism plays a major role in any country. It helps the economy of the country to a great extent. But attracting tourists is equally important as tourism. In this article, we will talk about the things that can attract tourists in Pakistan to a certain extent. Considering the significance of tourism, here we are going to share 10 ways to promote tourism in Pakistan.

10 Ways to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

1- Social Media

In this modern age where everything is just a click away, social media is without any doubt the greatest source where we can promote any useful stuff, and this way, we can promote tourism with amazing photography skills and cinematography. Also, we can upload them on YouTube vlog channels and can promote tourism in Pakistan. Social media is easily accessible to everyone and is free of cost. Uploading pictures of beautiful and eye-pleasing landscapes of Pakistan on your blog or Instagram page is beneficial in this regard.

2- Culture

One of the common things among many tourists is that they love to explore different cultures. And Pakistan is luckily the country which is full of culture. There are a lot of festivals celebrated annually. The folk festival is one of the most prominent names when we talk about festivals. Pakistani people wait anxiously throughout the year. Foreign tourists also indulge themselves in this festival to explore Pakistan.

3- Pakistani Food

South Asian countries are known for their spicy food. Pakistani food includes Lassi, Makkai ki roti, Biryani, Chicken Karahi, Nehari and the list goes on. People from far away areas find themselves loving the spicy food that Pakistan offers.

4- Providing Safety to Tourists

Safety comes first. A place which provides safety to their tourists and takes full responsibility for that is considered for visiting by the tourists. Proper measures should be taken for the provision of security to the tourists. In this way, more people will visit the country.

5- Guidance about Tourism

Pakistan should hire people with skills and knowledge to guide tourists about the places. They should have enough knowledge about the landscapes and its history. It will create interest in history among people. This way, they may want to come again with their friends as well.

6- Pakistani Music

It is said that “Arts and Talent have no boundaries”. Music is a thing that binds people throughout the world. Even if the language is not understandable but the beat and the music and melodies fascinate people. After all, music transcends the language barrier. Many people from Pakistan including myself wants to visit South Korea just because of K-pop and K Dramas. This itself shows how much music can be beneficial for captivating the tourists.

7- Partnership Strategy

Getting into partnership with organizations and promoting work globally. By collaborating with the organizations to join hands with you and help you provide facilities with respect to hotels, restaurants, etc.

8- The Main Attraction of the Country

There is always a special thing about a country that plays a pivotal role in attracting tourists. It is important to first recognize the main attraction of Pakistan and then upload that on social media.

9- Having a Captivating Website

The first thing people usually consider when they have plans to visit a country is to explore the websites. And check the travel guide and destination plans. Perfect photography skills can be of great help in this regard as well.

10- SEO Strategy

One of the best 10 ways is having a captivating website is of no use if it does not appear in the top ten pages on google. To overcome this issue SEO is very important. The website should publish SEO-optimized content so that it can become more reachable.

By Rameen Asif

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