5 Best Self-love Inspirational Quotes


5 Best Self-love

Most people say that “I love myself” but how? If you do not even know the worth of loving yourself, eating, sleeping, and watching Netflix is it all enough to love yourself? If yes then you are incredulity. Here are the 5 best inspirational quotes that define how loving yourself is important.

5 Best Self-love Inspirational Quotes

1- “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret of happiness.” (By Robbert Marley) 

Happiness is the best therapy for stress, depression, and anxiety. It plays a great role in self-owns, the people who are genuinely happy for what they have, they do not need to take stress about what they do not have; this quote beautifully describes that how happiness changes us when we start being happy, we automatically start loving ourselves.

2- “The purpose of your life isn’t to look for love. It’s to delete all barriers, which prevent you from loving yourself”. (By Diana Haymond)

“Life is not a smooth journey” when we truly start knowing ourselves, then we get to know that where we are neglecting an important aspect of our life such as accepting ourselves, self-esteem, and confidence.

3- “Loving yourself is not selfishness; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself”. (By Vishal Polowalia)

Loving yourself is not all about thinking about yourself only and forget others it’s about treating yourself in the right manner which makes your impression good towards people. It’s right that if you can’t love yourself and you do not know your worth how can you give importance to others who you love.

4- “In order to love the think who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you”. (By Andrea Dykstra)

Sometimes we face many traumas in life and then we know the worth of ourselves which motivate us to love ourselves but you can’t ignore the experiences which may be hurt you the most which caused breakup, failures and etc. “Life is a great teacher” if you are constantly learning from your life, life wouldn’t stop to shape up you. But do not focus only on lessons do always remember you have a brain to think.

5- “You are not a mistake; the things were which misinterpreted you. (By Lisa Lieberman- Wang)

Do not blame yourself for anything you did, sometimes situations make you do it but the thing which matters is how you fix it, what you learn from your mistakes and to promise not repeated them again. Remember! “You can’t learn anything from being perfect but think do not depend on experience after wounds.”

It’s easy to say “I love myself” but when you understand the true meaning of self-love then you will start appreciating yourself which testify that you know the worth of yourself because appreciation and self-love matter a lot.

By Zubia Raza 

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