5 Things You Need To Appreciate More

5 Things

The word appreciate can be elaborated as “recognizing the full worth of something”. We are surrounded by a number of blessings which we often take as granted and therefore, we don’t value them. It is stated in the Holy Quran:

“If you are thankful for the blessings bestowed upon you, we will increase them”

Just take a moment and observe all the things around you. Making the above statement as the main topic, let’s get into the depth of 5 things that need our appreciation:

5 Things You Need To Appreciate More

1- Life 

The first and foremost thing for which an individual should be thankful is life. Without which rest of all the blessings have no significant value. The outbreak of Coronavirus is one of the major reasons for snatching the lives of a billion people around the globe. If you are still alive, you should appreciate this biggest blessing of life.

2- Health 

There are thousands of people among us who are suffering from deadly diseases and are about to depart. They are on ventilators on death bed, not able to utter a single word or to move their hands and feet on their own. An individual should appreciate if he wakes up every morning with a sound body and all his organs performing well.

3- Nature 

Look at the gigantic mountains from which plenty of minerals are obtained, fresh flowing rivers which give humanity pure water to drink, and mighty oceans concealing a plethora of creatures. Nature needs appreciation. Our little contribution to nature by utilizing resources for human welfare is an act of appreciation.

4- Technology

In the era of smartphones, LEDs, laptops with a luxurious life, our standard of living has been raised. Ensconced in a comfortable sofa, modern man has everything on his fingertips.

5- Relations/People 

We often take people for granted, not recognizing their value until they left this world. Small acts of kindness should be appreciated.

By utilizing the above things for the betterment of humanity and preventing any misuse, is called appreciation which we need to adopt for living a cheerful life.

By Sara Ali

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