A Difficult Time In My Life

A Difficult Time In My Life

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes things can go wrong and it becomes difficult to cope but ups and downs are just part of life. Difficult times in life comes to strengthen and uplift us as difficult road often lead to a difficult destination.

Life was going glossy like a shiny fresh morning breeze. I was surrounded by countless blessings of love, affection, and prosperity but things never remain the same. It didn’t come suddenly the difficult time was crawling smoothly and silently into my life. My husband started having fits. We thought it was something minor like Dehydration, Vitamin deficiency, and side effects of some medicines. We tried to handle these medical problems but in vain. We visited several doctors but not a single one was able to diagnose the problem. We tried Chiropractor, Massage therapy, Cupping, Religious healing, Herbal medicines, and whatnot. He was unable to drive, work, and required the assistance of someone at all times. I single-handedly had to take care of not only him but also my children and my home. No family was around to help. Doctors could randomly diagnose that he had some back problem and required a backbone surgery. We knew from inside our hearts that these diagnoses were wrong but we didn’t have any other option left. The day was like a nightmare for us when we came to know that he got that fit in the operation theater right after his surgery. So this difficult time of my life was not over yet. A long series of test and other lab investigations finally suggested that he had a tumor in his brain which needed to be removed as soon as possible. We couldn’t even have enough time to let him heal from his recent surgery. After his surgery, it was a long time of pain, darkness, helplessness, and disability.

It might be stormy now but it can’t rain forever. Things started getting better and slowly these vicious clouds of difficult time passed away. We were together again with more love, strength, and confidence.

By Zahida Islam

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