A Girl Is In Search Of Emotions

A Girl Is In Search Of Emotions

A Girl Is In Search Of Emotions…

“I prowl the earth,
Searching for emotion,
Within seams of lace and lover’s devotion,
I search in art and poetry, every story, every tale,
But everything is mundane, merely superficial,
I see tears glistening, like pearls on pale cheeks,
I hear howls of woe, of anguish, of grief,
But in them, there is nothing to feel.

Humans write poems and songs about me,
They culminate me in art,
Sew me into tapestries.
They try to reach into their hearts,
Seek out every loneliness within and force me into something tangible,
Something understandable,
But I am not capturable,
And still, I am in search of emotions.

Those humans, those fools,
They grasp at straws.
I do not just live in their hearts, I embody their very being.
And I know that they can never see me, Cannot hear me,
I am quiet as a thief in the dark.
I have no face, no sound, no fear,
There is nothing I hold dear.

I am not in sight, in hearing,
I am in hearts and hopes and feeling,
And when you think I’m gone,
I assure you, I’m not, I’m still there, merely sleeping.

In everything that is dark, and quiet and gloom,
In every loud, bright room,
There is always one person, one lonely corner
That is my reflection, it is my mirror.

I feel loneliness everywhere,
They call me Loneliness and
Hold me far, never dear.
They run from me like I’m a plague.
I’m not Misery,
For even misery loves company.

I’m Loneliness.
Just Loneliness.
And in my loneliness, I am alone,
A girl is in search of emotions.”

By Elina 

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