A movie would you recommend? And Why?

A movie would you recommend And Why

A film that I would recommend to watch is “ Taare Zameen Par”, a Bollywood social drama movie, starring Aamir Khan, also directed and produced by himself along with Amole Gupte.  While it was released in the year 2007. The story revolves around a special child.

In everyday life, we do watch different kinds of movies for entertainment purposes, but some movies lead an impact on the audience’s minds and deliver a very strong message. The reason behind the recommendation is its powerful plot and a message to deal with kids, having dyslexia or special needs. Being a parent or teacher, the utmost way to adopt is to show extra love and affection towards a child.

In this movie, one can watch how a new unconventional art teacher helps a child discover his hidden potential. A boy, Ishaan was a talented child; he can think outside the box with passion and creativity. But nobody understood the way to deal with a child. He was only thought of as a mischievous and extremely naughty child. He was often called an “idiot, duffer, lazy and crazy”. In fact, his parents didn’t understand him too. However, a movie portrayed a very impactful character of a teacher who transformed a child’s lonely world and added some colors to it. Being a teacher or a parent, we can learn how to inculcate confidence in the life of such a child who has isolated himself. It can also divert our thinking towards inclusive education, which can strive to address the learning needs of children with special needs, with a particular focus on those who are subject to being isolated and excluded. Children with disabilities or special needs also have the right to education just as normal children do. Every child has unique character, strength, and abilities that allow them to express their individuality in a social environment. Therefore, in this movie, a cheerful and optimistic teacher realized that a child is very unhappy and he sets out to discover why. With time and patience and care, he ultimately helps the child find himself. He organized a painting competition in which students compete with their teachers in order to prove their equal worth.

This movie has broken the existing stigma of Dyslexia. It has raised awareness of the topic of dyslexia and prompts more open discussions among people. According to my point of view, the lesson that I learned from this movie is life doesn’t depend only on academics. Life can instill the value of passion you want to carry. Comparing your child with others is not a good way to inspire rather focus on the problems your child is dealing with.

By Amreen Laiq

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