A Ray of Light Purifies the Soul & Heart

A Ray of Light Purifies the Soul & Heart

The lights come from all corners of the world but there is some light which affects or enlightens the soul. Our body possesses a soul which is a great form of purity. This soul needs attention, love, care, a ray of light, and the light of self-awareness. Our Creator Almighty ALLAH has made this humankind with great potentials. The potentials came into being when individuals get self-aware and this self-awareness leads to the purity of the soul.

A thousand layers have been embedded on the soul, layers of hate, greed, competition, unworthiness, self pettiness but one light of attention, one light of love, one light of belief, and above that one light of self-awareness remove all the layers and the real inner self, real YOU the real soul get emerge.

The Creator is sending lights from all domains and corners but the attention is diverted. The soul is waiting in along queue just to reach on destination. The soul is waiting in a long desire just to have attention. The soul is resting in the darkness just come out in the lightness. A ray of light, a ray of attention, the ray of love lead to self-aware and self-aware bring into consciousness of potentials where the caged soul is waiting to be free.

By Marium HarisĀ 

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