Action Speaks Louder Than Words For India

Action Speaks Louder Than Words For India

The year 2020 was warmly welcomed but, it had been otherwise for India and it stands as a true example for everybody that action speaks louder than words.

In the year 2014, BJP won the elections and, India received Narendra Modi as a face of deemed Prime Minister because they were continuously opposing GST, Adhar card, and increased fuel prices that related to the needs of the common man. BJP even promised to provide them financial security by depositing 15 lakhs in their accounts but what they forgot is that using mere words can cost them later and now, it is evident as BJP loses 5 states in the 2019 elections.

BJP has failed miserably with passing years as they couldn’t deliver anything to its people. Instead, they have implemented GST, Demonetization, and hike in oil prices making it clear that action speaks louder here and, it is clear that their only motive was power over the welfare of people. Apart from this, BJP never fails to play a divide and rule policy between Hindu & Muslim communities which instigated unrest in the country increasing the crime rate too but fortunately, now people are not falling for their hoax. BJP’s plans to implement CAA/NRC all over India were strongly condemned by the nation putting its authority to question and shook the belief of everyone in BJP for the rest of the years to come.

Indian politicians need to realize that they may not speak responsibly but, their words matter greatly to the people who look up to them and elect them, hoping that they will work for their welfare and development, and if they fail then their rule is destined to end.

BJP rule has already tarnished its image in the past and losing its voters but, they still have two more years to recover and work on it. If they concentrate on the realistic demands of people providing them with proper facilities, employment, and economic growth then they might continue to be in power for years to come but if they don’t then it is just a matter of time when they will be replaced with some other party.

By Farheen Sultana 

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