All That Glitters Is Not Gold – A Life Lesson

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

In this blog, I’m going to share a life lesson with you that will make you realize not all that glitters is gold. But before starting, give the answer to my one simple question and that is, have you ever seen a shiny thing that attracts your sight but would you live with it for your whole life? Keep your answer in your mind and match it with the story that I am going to discuss with you.

There was a lady who lived in America since the late 19 century. She was fond of the lifestyle which was shown on camera and she had believed that life should be like this and she started to copy that life-style without thinking whether to do it or not.

In the beginning, she enjoyed and felt comfortable with that living standard, as days passed on, she got indulged and was following the shining of the glitters that were shown on the camera considering that these glitters are pure gold.

The time was passing on and after a couple of days, she realized that she missed the way she used to be before and got trapped in the new lifestyle which was not allowing her to be in her comfort zone. She soon realized that the shiny things that were very appealing to her before, has lost its shine, and now that thing has not turned up into the gold as it was reflecting before.

The reason for which she came up was at the start, the lady started comparing herself to others and was expecting that if others can enjoy the things, then why she could not avail it too.  And in this comparing, she did things in the wrong manner which spoiled her life. Consequently, that living standard leads her toward reality.

However, there are so many real-life stories wherein people always consider shiny things as gold but the truth to be told is, not all that glitters is gold. So, remember, shiny things doesn’t mean that these are worthy & lasting.

By Zobia Raza 

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