An inspirational success story by Ayesha Mianoor

An inspirational success story by Ayesha Mianoor

Ayesha Mianoor is the mother of a 7-year-old daughter. Here’s an inspirational success story on how she started her business and she became an entrepreneur.

Here’s what she said about her venture!

In 2012, I got married and felt lucky to have such a nice and loving husband. After a year, I blessed with a baby girl. Everything was fine and we were living a happy married life, but the slow and steady downfall of my husband’s income was a big issue and he became jobless in 2016. Since that day, we faced many financial crises. It was a time to support him and become his strong support system so I  decided to take a stand and started a clothing business but I could not continue that because business is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Then I decided to give tuitions at home and I tool start with two students and I continued till 8 months. Gradually, I got many students which worked like a motivational factor. Later, I took the start of another venture and started making hair oil by following my grandma’s recipe. Initially, my friends supported me in this venture and they bought my product. It was like a side business for me at that time.

Why I took the decision to make home-made products? 

One night, I suddenly noticed the sun-tan on my hands and feet,  they became dry because I spent most of the time in Kitchen as side by side, I started a small food business and got orders. The reason for my struggle is, I did not want to be dependent on others.  That night, I thought to make some creams and foot balm for myself.  The next morning, I prepared some extra skincare products for my friends as well. My friends supported me on this journey as they got amazing results. They suggested me to run a small business of handmade skincare products and also recommended others as well. That’s how I started all that and became an entrepreneur.

My brand name is F.L.Y which means First Love Yourself because if you love yourself, you will feel healthy and confident.

I always credit my husband and parents who became a strong pillar for me throughout the venture and also encouraged me to continue my studies. By the grace of the Almighty, I completed my Masters and Montessori course.

What I learned throughout the journey, just love yourself and your passion. And never compromise on two things that you have to maintain are patience and faith in your God.

By Ayesha Mianoor

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