An Open Letter to the University Students

An Open Letter to the University Students

Dear Students,

As we all know that this year started as expected, but little did we predict that we will be forced to stay isolated indoors for months as the pandemic claimed the lives of people around the world. When the order to lock down the country arrived in March that was followed by the closing of Educational institutions, we could hardly guess that it will be for months ahead that we will be facing fear and panic regarding this deadly virus. With each passing month, we hoped things to turn better but it didn’t and we were barred from stepping out and enjoying normal freedom.

I know that there must be many of you who were eagerly looking forward to starting their new course and many others who are looking forward to ending it so that they can take a step towards their career but the current scenario has overshadowed our ambitions while the world suffers economically and medically. The situation around is definitely depressing and sad as none of us know when this will end but we all are facing this crisis equally so never consider yourself alone or abandoned.

Now when we have ample free time to use, it would be better if we reflect on our lives and goals considering the current situation where the economy is in recession and unemployment is soaring. We need to prepare ourselves for the future while making good use of the time in educating and learning new skills that may help you in securing a job or earning some money on your own. There are many other options to explore like writing a book, an action plan to set-up a business, or learning a new language that will prove fruitful for you in the future. With easy access to the internet everywhere, there are plethoras of skills you can invest yourself in and this might help you in your career too as you should explore websites like,, Linkedin Learning app, Duolingo, Google Analytics, etc.

Many of you are at home spending time with families or stuck somewhere else struggling with the days but I would like to advise you that don’t waste your precious time as the least one can do is read a good book or watch an informative video on Youtube and acquire knowledge through it. Just make sure to use it in the best way as it will make you more confident, competent, and intelligent.

I hope that my letter serves its purpose and reminds you that time is precious and if used wisely, is the beneficial investment ever made with positive returns.

By Farheen Sultana 

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