Beauty – It’s You

Beauty-Girl“Those flappy charming eyes
You give in your vibrant style,
Catches away attentions

To be sincere with you
You’ve got many heart Rapture;
Baby, you’ve stirred all kinds of sensations

You’re always armed
With your beauty charm;
You’ve become a firm imagination.

The feeling is magical
When you smile that smile;
Oh! How enchanted hearts become
By your lips incantations.

Your curvy body,
Yeah baby those beyond boundary areas
Gives them, yea, them, ministrations

You’re a heart so kind and Jocular,
I couldn’t imagine! Your best friends are monocular;
Baby, you make so many hearts sentenced to disconcertion

Now A hundred and ten are in love with you,
All wishing, they can play with you a peekaboo;
Baby, you’re just perfection

You keep on creating a spark
And end up giving all heart-attack
It’s You, Grateful.”

By Grateful Ogunjebe Oluseun (Nigeria)

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