Beauty- Nature




“Often I find myself wondering thoughtfully.

How to define beauty? What is a beauty? I must define it beautifully.

Not these branded dresses nor one’s recent models of cars new,

Beauty I realize is beyond those comfort money can buy a nightingale cooed.

A breeze of the wind enchanting yet cool,

A pot of blood-red roses lying by the pool.

These rhythmic rhymes of ragas soulful,

The sea calm, serene, tranquil but peaceful.

All chirping birds pledge of numerous bounties,

While dazzling dazzlers and early morning dews fulfill duties.

Jane Austen, a soothing melody and my preferable cup of tea fragrantly,

That is a past-time I adore, and it is calming yet pleasantly.

A golden anklet with plenty of sparks of stardust,

The sun shines with glory at dawn but enjoys slumber parties at dusks.

These glittery stars in the gloomy sky glittering,

A moon full of spots yet with grand grandeur glowing.

All prayers and the recitation of verses holy and pure,

That is beauty, and it is serene, majestic, and optimistic; they are a cure.

Words of kindness, generosity and a will to pat a foe’s back when hearts fragile shatter menacingly.

Someone aware yet acts ignorant knowingly,

That is innocence and naivety; not stupidity but wisdom bravely.

To feed the homeless,

To help turn pages someone who knows less.

Beauty is an enchanting nature and victorious kindness.

A beautiful act is a knight chivalrous in shining armor who wins his highness.

A heart of gold is beauty personified; it is beauty plentifully.

Protect it from each darker shade of the monstrously devilish grey world ready to consume dutifully.

Tolerance and manners good.

Value more than paychecks and yummy delicious food.

Blue eyes and pitch-black long and silky hair none,

Fair complexions and glassy figures long done.”

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)

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