Biggest Life Achievements of Supermum, Parveen Rizvi

Biggest Life Achievements of Supermum, Parveen Rizvi

One of the Biggest Life Achievements- shared by a Supermum – Parveen Rizvi

“The starting point of all achievement is desire” by Napoleon Hill

All successful people in this world who achieved their goals in life did have a desire deep in their hearts. They worked hard and strived to obtain their targets. Passionate desire can lead you to attain the highest success and achievement in life. Our country Pakistan is the result of the great dream of our father of nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Landing on the moon was an achievement to inspire all humanity. Not only leaders every human being has some or other goals and dreams in life.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a well-known proverb. Plato quoted that ” our need will be the real creator”.

I think we all understand what our lives are and we need to work accordingly. My biggest life achievement which I am sharing here is the most important and fulfilling all accomplishments of life. And it is no other than being successful in bringing up my two beautiful sons into great human beings. My greatest dream was a desire and wish to see my sons grow up into adorable compassionate pleasant affectionate honest noble persons.

I had a firm belief that Allah will help me to become a successful mother because I had the full support of my better half in life and he was, even more, stronger to build up the character and future of our children. It’s easy to do things when circumstances are favorable but struggling with difficult times and challenging situations is hard. We have to be determined with our actions. We were in the grip of certain financial crises for quite a long time and that was the period when we needed money to continue the school and college education of our kids. Both of us did not give up and we turned every stone to give the best education and guidance to both our sons. We are proud of our both sons who devotedly acquired the best education and knowledge which enabled them to be successful in life by all means and one of my biggest life achievements was accomplished by seeing them as superstars.

By Parveen Rizvi

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