Brain Damaging Habits That You Must Avoid

Brain Damaging Habits That You Must Avoid

A human body has emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental aspects and to maintain a healthy wellbeing one should focus on all these factors and try to develop some mindful habits to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  A normal human being goes through the phase of sadness and grief once in a lifetime which can be turn out to be a depression phase. Even due to technological factors nowadays the balance of mental health well-being is quite affected. Besides that overall billions of people around the globe are going through mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders that damages the brain.

The main factors that can damage a human body and mind are some unhealthy habits develop during various phases of life in which the human mind is quite ignoring part though we all are thinking through our brain and is the most vital organ of like heart.  All those factors that can damage a human mind are discussed here in this article.

Brain Damaging Habits That You Must Avoid

1- Sleep Deprivation

During the hard times of life, the human body is suffering from restlessness and the brain is steadily affected by overthinking causing sluggish attention, lack of focus, memory issues affecting overall sleep mechanism, and lack of sleep. The other factor related to sleep is covering the head effect oxygen level to effectively function of the brain.

2- Negative Emotions

Holding on to some negative emotions for a longer period of time like hatred, envy, anger, sadness ever grudges longer period of time affected normal brain function. It is just like holding a glass of water for more than an hour will suffer our hand so that same is the case with our emotions.

3- Dehydration

Daily intake of 6-8 glasses of water in our lifestyle is very essential to regulate overall body function including the brain.

4- Sugar & Salt Consumption

High intake of soda, cola drinks, soft drinks, and even highly refined salt and sugar consumption affect the normal sugar and blood pressure level contributing to brain damage.

5- Alcoholism/Smoking

One of the harmful habits to indulge in is excessive smoking and excessive alcoholism causing neuro-inflammation, lung diseases and heart diseases, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

6- Bad Relationships

Some people around us at home, friends, and even in our social circle usually drain our energy and leads to Toxic relationships which can neither be avoided nor have to live with it.

7- Distance From Reading/Books

Reading improves our focus and Concentration level which can lead to critical thinking. So, the more you read, the more you explore yourself.

8- Loud Music/ Noise Pollution

The sound that is not pleasant for the ear and affecting the peace of mind on a daily basis is affecting the mind gradually.

9- Skipping Breakfast/Strict Diet Plan

Morning routine in a personal life plays an important role in which a healthy breakfast is necessary. Strick Diet plans that are used for weight loss causing loss of certain nutrition required to brain cells is harmful as skipping breakfast. Eating just the right food is enough.

10- Lack of Communication

Healthy communication with our parents, siblings, friends, and colleagues is very essential to have peace of mind and develops intellectual abilities and cognitive skills of the human mind.

11- Over Eating & Junk Food

Too much of everything is bad which applies to eating as well and eating Fast food with the habit of overeating first affects our gut cells of the stomach and then swilling of brain veins.

12- Excessive Use of Cellphone

Excessive use of smartphones in daily routine life and putting it near a pillow while sleeping can damage brain cells and results are evident from scientific research made on rats.

13- Lack of Exercise

Physical exercises, workouts and walk for more than 15-20mins daily help brain to excrete hormones which is helpful in creating good thoughts that different apps are freely available to help stress management.

The accountability of all those factors will lead to a healthy mind and body. If all those factors are taken into a lifestyle will eliminate all those damaging factors.

By Mehreen Ayub 

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