Create a Beauty Tutorial for Busy Moms

Create a Beauty Tutorial for Busy Moms

We all know women love to look beautiful. They feel good when they got compliments about their skin, beauty, and appearance. Nowadays, everyone is living a hustle-bustle life and that’s the reason self-care is so hard for women because they don’t take time out for themselves. It feels like a continuous battle to find time in your busy schedule, especially, if you are a mum and struggling to balance a personal and professional life together. Considering this, here we are going to create a beauty tutorial for busy mums so that they can take care of themselves.

Create a Beauty Tutorial for Busy Moms

1- Skincare Over Makeup

With young kids, sleeping well is a rare pleasure and the results of a bad night’s sleep instantly show on your skin. In face of dryness, puffiness, and dark circles under the eyes. If you have to choose, care for your skin over perfectly applied make-up, because some things you just can’t fake with make-up and healthy skin is one of them. Deeply hydrating and replenishing products that target lines and have a brightening effect on dark circles will leave you looking like you’re actually awake!

2- Home Remedies Use Directly On Skin

Some of the moms use home remedies on their skin for having beauty in busy life after they listen from their friends, Facebook posts, YouTube, etc. They feel it’s easy and less wastage of time on enhancing beauty but they don’t have knowledge about skin layers, skin types and they start using by watching others and then the result is rashes, pimples, open pores, etc.

-The skin has three layers:
  • Epidermis, its top layer of skin which seen b every one
  • The Dermis, its second layer of skin its much thicker
  • The Hypodermis, its 3rd layer, made of tissue

– There Are 3 Types Of Skin:

Dry, Normal/Combination, Oily,

-Ingredients Good For Dry Skin

Goat Milk, oat,  glycerin, Honey, Vitamin E, Goji Berry, Wild rose, Sodium Hydroxide, etc

-Ingredients Good For Normal/Combination Skin

Aloe Vera, Coconut Water,  Citric Acid, Rosewater, Argan Oil, Sea Salt, hyaluronic acid

-Ingredients Good For Oily Skin

Salicylic Acid, Clay, Grapeseed oil, Egg whites and lemons, Almonds, Aloe vera, Tomatoes, Tea tree oil, Aqua,

-Skin Care VS Formula Creams

Mothers feel ashamed by their dull complexion as it is giving wrong impacts on their beauty or they start using formula creams for igniting whiting because it takes less time to use so it does not bother their busy life and the result it peels their first layer of skin that is the epidermis.

Motherhood can be really hectic and tiresome so we listed down some tips and tricks to keep you glowing especially for busy mothers.

-Skincare Tips for Busy Moms
Even busy, tired mamas can have beautiful, glowing skin by following this simple routine.
-Skincare: The Basics
                                                                   ” C. T. E. B. M “
  1. Cleanser.  …
  2. Toner. …
  3. Eye Cream. …
  4. Boosting. …
  5. Moisturizer. …

Extra care for whole-body skin is Spot Treatment, Dead skin removing. for extra care, you must have an appointment with any trained beauty consultant or skin care specialist. It only takes 2 minutes twice a day to complete the daily routine that I mentioned above C.T.E.B.M so the busy moms can easily follow it and get smooth glowing skin needs zero make up.

Cleanser: Use a gentle in the morning after you getup, it cleans impurities of the skin.

Toner: Apply on the face after cleansing with the help of a cotton ball, it makes a shiny face.

Eye Cream: Apply on eyelid after toner, it travels half-inch so remember not to apply it on eye circles, it helps to remove dark circles or wrinkles around eyes.

Boost: Use serums to boost your skin, by applying the booster you can get results faster, serum has ingredients power which makes oath between cells of skin so the cream can work easily faster.

Moisturizer: Apply cream according to your age and skin type, get recommendations from any trained beauty consultant, it helps your skin be young.

3- Invest In Good Products

For a busy mother, the little time you have to yourself is holy. When you set aside some precious time for skincare, it’s important not to waste on ineffective products. Spend a little extra on high-quality products that are optimized for your age and skin type. A really good cleanser, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer can treat you a long way to feeling good about your skin.

Busy mom’s best beauty routine is to care for skin properly with perfect recommendations from any trained beauty consultant.

By  Sualiha Naz Imran Ghazi

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