Dream Interpretation Unlocks the Door of the Unconscious Mind

Dream Interpretation Unlocks

Dream interpretation is a quite weird hobby of mine, which I have incorporated in my life because I love to dive into the unknown realms, just to reveal the dark secrets of those concealed doors where there are numerous hidden things. After interpreting the number of dreams, I have this knack for unlocking the door of my unconscious mind, effortlessly. Those scenarios which you have repressed in your unconscious can come into your conscious awareness through dreams. Your unconscious mind communicates to your conscious mind via dreams. But sometimes we are unable to comprehend the exact meaning of those dreams.

How to Interpret Dreams? 

Dreams can be symbolic or metaphoric which can contain latent meaning or sometimes your subconscious throws manifest content to your awareness. It’s highly significant to know the dream’s symbolic meaning or at least start researching the codes of the symbols that you see in the dreams.

  1. First of all, observe your mental state and thoughts.
  2. What you were thinking before sleep?
  3. Are you having recurring dreams or precognitive dreams?

If your mental health is compromised and you are not taking care of its well being then you can see such dreams which can indicate your poor mental health condition.

If you are having recurring dreams then it means your subconscious is leaking the content into your conscious awareness that you are not focusing on the particular subject in your waking life. Repetitive dreams are mostly psychological ones but if you hardly see a dream which isn’t repetitive then it can be a pre-cognitive one, which means your subconscious, is making you aware of the upcoming event.

If you are obsessing over something then it can pop up in your dreams as a memory recollection. Different theorists lay down different opinions and theories according to their perception but this write-up is related to my personal experiences.

Symbolic Meaning of Dreams & Mental Health 

1- Anxious People & Their Dreams

People who are anxious usually experience recurring dreams, in which they see unpreparedness or failing in exams, falling, being chased, being late for an event, unable to find something, and many more different scenarios which indicate anxiety in a dream.

2- Emotionally Disturbed People & Their Dreams

People who are emotionally vulnerable are prone to see water and we should focus on the state of water while decoding the dream. These individuals mostly dream about water bodies because it is directly referred to as unconscious emotional content. If they seeing ice in the dream, it depicts frozen emotions, stormy water indicates turbulent emotions; murky water depicts the ambiguous states of emotions. If the dreamer is swimming towards land then it may indicate that the individual is seeking some conscious knowledge related to their deep inner emotions. Rain is connected to your crying state whereas underwater swim points out towards the escapism of the dreamer from the current situation.

3- Frustrated People & Their Dreams

When a person sets a goal and remains unable to achieve it then it leads to frustration and it starts hindering the process towards happiness. It becomes complicated to acquire a fully happy state since an individual feels blockage of the goal which he/she starts seeing in their dreams like dead ends, inappropriate attires or behaving inappropriately, any task which is a frustrating, malfunctioning, or broken machine.

4- Grieving People & Their Dreams

People who are in the process of grieving can witness a visitation of their deceased loved ones in their dreams. They see them alive or dying again or hugging their beloved ones in their dreams.

Wish Fulfillment Dreams

According to a famous psychoanalyst, when our desires are repressed due to external circumstances then our unconscious makes a doorway to resolve repressed conflict in the shape of dreams, where we see those things which we cannot acquire in waking life. We feel satisfied after dreaming such a series of mental images which we long for but that particular thing is prohibited in real life. For example: if a person sees his/her crush in a dream but cannot approach him/her, a diabetic patient eats ice cream and sugary items in dreams or dreaming of someone’s death in order to get rid of the person.

How do interpret the scenarios in the dream?

Mostly, it’s hard to decode the exact meaning of the storyline of your dream in which a dreamer sees a movie like mental images or a series of dreams. An individual might perceive their dream as the intricate one or think it’s a complex dream and cannot be interpreted. So in this case, a person will pick a dominant symbol but the context of the dream is an important element while interpreting the dream. For example; food or edibles were highlighted in the dream so we will see the food interpretation. Here, you can have a look into quick symbols and their meanings;

Butter: search for gratification, Sandwich: suggests pressure on a dreamer, Chips: over-indulgent behavior, Pickle: anxiety or fear.

Have you ever felt a jerk while sleeping that you dreamt you were falling?

If yes, then you are experiencing a sleep twitch or hypnic jerk or you feel you are falling from a height in the beginning stage of the sleep because you are highly stressed out and taking stimulants to stay alert while completing stressful tasks or brainy work. I personally, experience this sleep engine start when I feel too emotionally and mentally drained at the end of the day. It feels like a kick to start a sleep, specifically, for those who try hard to stay vigilant by consuming a high amount of caffeine or stimulants.

Turn the page and revive the memory traces of your dreams and the context you have witnessed back then when you were not aware of the dark of the unconscious mind. Try to grasp the message of your psyche which you have buried in your unconscious long ago, interpret the dream to unlock your unconscious mind. It gives signals that you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Maybe!

Dream interpretation is a door to your unconscious mind, a window to your unknown realms of sleeping mind, the solution to your enigmatic inner self, the pathway to reach the psyche.

If unexpressed emotions buried alive in your unconscious and you don’t take heed of your emotions then they can come forth in uglier ways.

Watch out!

By Hina Rehan

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