Eat this not that myths about food and their combination

Eat this not that myths -1

People have believed some pretty strange things about the food we eat on the daily basis. In fact, many of the foods we know and love have had to jump through hurdles to clean up their reputation. We often take the food we eat every day for granted. Superstition, myths are passed on through generations. Some of the quite common ones are about food combinations.

When we say Fish and Milk. So, is this food combination toxic? Yes, or No?  Reminded of our grandmothers and mothers telling us to never combine the two. Is it superstitious or is it true?

1- Myth 

It is a common belief that if milk and fish are combined together it may lead to skin discoloration or pigmentation on the skin.

2- Reality 

There is still no scientific evidence to prove the consequence. It depends on your digestive capacity, body mass, etc.  Since milk has a cooling effect and fish has a heating effect their combination creates an imbalance that can lead to chemical changes in the body. The immune system plays a huge role when it comes to the effects of their food combination the two items are quite a rich source of protein. So, individually their composition is very different from each other.

Fish and milk haven’t scientifically, been branded as a bad food combination, but this food combination is bad for health especially for people with a weak immune system. Similarly, there are numerous myths and superstitions that people believe but the fact is, it is not about a combination of food we eat, but it is about our immune system that how we digest the food.

By Yumna Faisal 

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