Education-History & its Significance

Education-History & its Significance

Education is a source of receiving and providing the knowledge and experiences we learn. It also includes different methods, especially; formal education at a school or university. Education is connected with different ways of teaching and acquiring knowledge in various environments.

The history of education is believed to be found from the traces of earliest civilizations that includes Muslims, Greeks and British kingdom. The earliest school was started in Egypt. The modern school system started in India in 1830. The Vedic system confined to attain deliverance using knowledge.

The preachers and students followed the simple living and high thinking. The main purpose is to help control over sense and purity of life. History of education in Pakistan is the advent of Islam and Islam related cultures which started due to the entrance of Mohammad Bin Qasim in Sindh 712 A.D. This is the start of educational system in this region which further proceed to Bangladesh and other regional countries.

There are three types of education including Specific, In-specific, and Non-specific.

1- Specific Education

It includes school or institutions. They have structured-based knowledge includes proper time, uniforms and particular subjects to study. It provides you certification and degrees.

2- In-specific Education

It includes different methods and contents of learning. It’s aim is to focus on practical and adult learning. It concentrate on local resources and learner’s participation and real life example of learning.

3- Non-specific Education

It is a long process in which a learner attain knowledge and experience from home, environment, and overall surroundings. It works non-deliberately and non-systematically.

Educational Development

It is a very broad field which aims to focus on every aspect of life from philosophical to psychological, research, curriculum designing, different teaching & learning approaches, etc. It helps structured-based knowledge system to function smartly in teaching and learning communities. It works on the overall development of teachers and learners.

It is a vital key for the institution for ensure quality and support institutional change. It has a wider scope as it works on different teaching and learning methodologies. Educational development includes faculty/students development, instructional development and organization development.

Hence, we can say that human growth & development and better human living is based on quality of education. Educational opportunities, determination, and ambitions contributes to the progress and betterment of educational system. However, it has proved that consistency, focus, and hardwork helps to improve the educational system.

By Faiza Hassan

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