Fatima Sheikh Found The Way In Her Life, Explored Herself

Fatima Sheikh Found The Way In Her Life, Explored Herself
Fatima Sheikh Found The Way In Her Life, Explored Herself

Fatima Sheikh, who not just discovered her talent, yet also found the way in her life, and explored herself in a real way. A real-life story about a girl, who lived struggling life and accomplished all her goals.

Why should I…?

Have you ever seen a bird, flying higher up the sky? I always wanted to fly like a free bird. Free from the social pressure, Free from the culture where being a doctor and engineer are considered to be the happiest and profitable professions. I always wanted to be an artist. Why should I be a doctor if I don’t want to be?

I have spent a lot of my time in searching a way out, struggling just to find out the place where I feel free.  They decided that I would be a doctor. No one understood, what I wanted to be, they don’t even know what a terrible time being a medical student I was facing. But God knows better after college I had decided that I’m not gonna be their robot anymore. So, now I’m not In their control anymore. I have found the escape from this kind of mindset. Still, sometimes my mother asks me “Why would you do this? “ It brakes my heart and I think that I have wasted so much time doing what you want. Lived my life as you wanted. Even though I don’t understand that.  When I was in grade 5th I  started to write on fantasy and I wanted to live in that fantasy. Because in my fantasy world no one judges me. So, I stopped sharing my ideas and stories with my family, I used to hide all things even my drawings too. I really didn’t want to be a doctor just because my family wanted it.  People told me that now that I have missed a chance to be a doctor so, I should be a teacher just like my aunts. I hate schools because of the competitive system. As Albert Einstein said:-“Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

I still remember, I was good at studies but had no interest in this kinda school. I really don’t wanna be a senseless robot controlled by others. I am who I am and I don’t wanna change.

Whos behind me?

But there’s only one person who always motivated me my beloved teacher and one day when she came to attend the class. She said:- “For all those years I have been teaching, never ever seen someone who can write.” And then she pointed at me, that was my turning point, the moment when  I started to believe in myself and then I wrote my first novel based on my own story. And please do not think that doctors and engineers are the only happy person in the world.

“We are all born so beautiful the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not.”  Rupi Kaur

Written by Fatima Sheikh

9 Replies to “Fatima Sheikh Found The Way In Her Life, Explored Herself”

  1. FatimA Sheikh this is so beautiful.
    I believe that everyone should do what he wants to do. Forcing someone would never bring good results. More power to you. Always follow your heart.

  2. You, your dreams are precious my dear. Never let someone walk over them. Fight for them as they are your happiness.

  3. I believe the same, Fatima. Everything isn’t a doctor or an engineer.. that all the mentality of the society. I Love the way how you get yourself out of it, good step and explore yourself. Keep working hard and Best of luck ahead in life.. More Power to you!

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