Fun Ways To Teach Kids Mathematics

Fun Ways To Teach Kids Mathematics

Whew! Let me put it straight here, math is not fun for us adults but as we grew up we have learned it, can’t ignore the fact that it is so important for our day-to-day life. But for our kids, we have to make it interesting as well as entertaining, how to do it.

Fun Ways To Teach Kids Mathematics

Here I’m going to share some fun ways to teach kids Mathematics:

1- Use Visuals The Most

At an early age, kids love to see something that attracts their eyes, like colorful shapes and numbers. It not only will teach them counting the fun way but also will help them remember what they learned easily.

2- Games And The Math Talk

A wide variety of games can be used when teaching maths to make it fun, Who doesn’t like to play
games? Make it an imaginary number war, bingo, and to many. Also, encourage the math talk, well kids love to talk. Ask them how many buttons do you have on that cute shirt or the number of ponies the little girl has in the class. These techniques will make them sharp at counting and other math-related activities.

3- Authencitiy And Real Objects 

Add their classmate’s names to a math problem, kids love it when we make learning more authentic. You can use real objects that can be anything a paper cut-out, fruits, cars, colorful cubes, and the list goes on; the topic becomes more interesting and creative especially when it comes to measurement, addition, graphing, any math topic.

4- Area of Interest And Cooperation 

You need to know well where your kid’s interest sparks well by creating opportunities and create friendly competitions that arent against a team or student. Bring in The math fact competitions!, let them work by themselves too by creating their own Math Problems. Don’t forget the cooperative factor as it’s the most important one, create an environment where it is common for students to work in pairs or small teams.

5- Involve Parents Too

Lastly, involve parents too. Yes… so that math won’t be a monster hiding under the bed for them in the future.

By Manal Musbah 

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