Harsh Realities Of Life You Need To Accept

Harsh Realities Of Life You Need To Accept

“It takes only a minute to feel care for someone,
But it takes a lifetime to prove it to someone.
It takes only a second to break the heart,
But it’s difficult for the one who feels apart.
It takes just an hour to think of your goals,
But it takes years to complete the whole.
It’s so easy to dream,
But to make them alive isn’t as much as it seems.
It’s easy to smile,
But it takes a smart mind to have it with a style.
It’s easy to flirt,
But it’s difficult to feel hurt.
To say I care isn’t enough,
To show it is tough.
To say I am happy is easy,
But to feel the moment enjoying is breezy.
It takes a couple of minutes to eat a kind of fruit,
But it takes days to generate it from its roots.
A situation that is creepy,
Always makes you weepy.
A person came to realize,
When most of the time flies.
Everything is not planned…
Then why don’t you understand,
That cash in a hand… is not always a helping hand..!!”

 By Uswah Shaikh 

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