How to choose the Perfect Nude Lipstick

How to choose the Perfect Nude Lipstick

Lipsticks have reigned us since the beginning of Fashion, be it worn by Royals and Noble as a status symbol, or by the iconic Marilyn Monroe making the Rouge Lips all the rage in the 1950s.

Nude Lipsticks have taken us by a storm in the last decade and these not only give you an effortless natural everyday look, but they can also add a hint of sophistication to a much glamorized evening makeup look.

Now, when we have an enormous variety of shades of Nude lipsticks to choose from, we can follow a simple 3 step formula to get the right shade as per our skin-tone.

How to choose the Perfect Nude Lipstick

Step 1: Find Your Undertone

Look at the veins on your wrist. What colour are they? If your veins reflect a blue hue, then you have a cool undertone. If they tend to be blue-greenish, then you have a neutral undertone. And if the hue is green, then you have a warm undertone.

Step 2: Match to your Lips and the Undertone

The rule of thumb for nude lips is to match it with your natural lip-color or go a tone darker. As said by Olivia Chantecaille “A good nude should work with your coloring, not fight it”.

For a subtle finish to your lips, you need to find a shade that compliments your undertone too.

Step 3: Line those Lips!

This sounds old-fashioned, but lip liners are your best friend when you desire perfection. Nude Lips require dimension and depth to look more fuller, naturally contoured and give the right color pay-off.

While getting a perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone, pick a nude lip pencil that is two shades darker.

Let us apply the Perfect Nude Lipstick

Begin with lining your lips with a brown or darker nude lip pencil of choice. Also, shade the corners of your lips and blend with either a finer or a lip brush.

Now go in with the Nude Lipstick, begin with the middle of your lips and outwards. Now blend out the lines and lipstick color into a natural finish.

By Faiza Akhtar

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