How To Motivate Yourself To Study Hard


How To Motivate Yourself To Study

Nowadays, let us face it, almost everyone is having online classes or exams and it is really hard to motivate yourself. You will always find yourself watching a movie on Netflix and it is difficult to remain focus to study these days. So here are a few tips to help you so you know how to motivate yourself.

How To Motivate Yourself To Study Hard

1- Set Goals

You should set goals and be clear about what you want to achieve. There are 3 types of goals short term goal, medium-term goal, and long term goal.  Let suppose, your short term goal would be to study every day. Your medium-term goal would be to pass the grade you are in, and your long term goal would be to get admission to a leading university on scholarship.

2- Plan Everything

After setting your goal you should have a plan of how to achieve your goal. You should have a study plan that you are going to revise everything that you studied in school in the afternoon and read extra books to improve your vocabulary and you should take notes of everything or make small definitions to make things easy. You should plan daily tasks for example that today I will read 2 chapters today and tomorrow I will read 2.

3- Execution of Plans

You have your plans in your mind but you should know that you have to follow your plans. That if you have plans in your mind and you do not follow them, then how do you expect yourself to get good grades? You should start executing your plans from the beginning in order to achieve your goals easily.

4- Self Discipline & Perseverance

  You should have good self-discipline and perseverance and no matter what happens you should not give up. You should not make excuses like I will start reading tomorrow or read it at 5 pm when your reading time is at 4 pm and you should be perseverance.  if you are like I will do this tomorrow and you won’t do the daily you have given yourself then in the end you will have more problems rather than completing small tasks daily.

 5- Appreciate Yourself

 Appreciate your small steps for example you aimed for an A-plus and end up getting an A you should still appreciate that you did better than last time and next time you will work harder. You should always remember that you won’t get the result you want in one day it will always take some time but in the end, you will get the result you want or even get a much better than that.

6- Reward Yourself

When you have been studying for a while and you can see yourself improving then u  should reward yourself with a break, but you should choose a  right type of activity to do in the break so you can easily come back to books because sometimes it is really hard to get back into studying if you do not choose the right type of activity.

7- Never Give-up & Learn From Mistakes

You should not give up no matter what. You should be the type of person that can stand up on his feet after falling down. If you have a really high goal and.   If you get grades you didn’t expect you should not start crying and don’t give up but you should learn from the mistakes and you should not do them again next time, and next, you might get higher marks.  You should never give up in anything and if you do this is the best way of how you can motivate yourself.

8- Remove Distractions

 You should remove distractions while you are studying. The main place of distractions is your phone so you should put your phone on airplane mode or put it in another room. You should study in a quiet room if you know that you will be distracted in this room then do not sit in that room.

9- Focus On Your Goal

You should have your full focus on the goal. You should work really hard. Always have a lookout for opportunities that might help you in achieving your goal for example hire a tutor or listen to the advice of people on how they achieved that goal.

 10- Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

You should not compare yourself with others. When you compare yourself with others you might end up giving up. You should not compare yourself with others they might have worked much harder than you but you should set them as an example and try to work hard like them. You should never underestimate yourself everyone is different and if you work hard you can achieve anything and these are a few tips on how you can motivate yourself

By Zainab Malik 

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