Importance of Career Counselling for Students

Importance of Career Counselling

All parents want to see their child do best in education and step into the best profession. Each child is unique and the skills and interests need to be observed and identified at an early age. “Career Counselling ” is vital and it may start from kindergarten. As children grow and the process of acquiring knowledge continues they need to understand their personal skills abilities and desires. The direction of their education has to be according to their passion for life. They need the advice to know their strengths and weaknesses. Counseling will help them fulfill their ambition. At this point, parents should realize the importance of career counseling for their kids in order to choose the right career option.

-The concept of the way of life has changed with time

In the past, it was the parents who decided what their child will become whether he was happy or not. Children were not free to do what they wished for. This led to many problems which children faced in life. Parents shouldn’t decide their children’s careers.

Children should choose the job they like. Attaining a degree is not enough. Lifelong learning is essential for a successful life. But again it all depends on what you want in life. How you want to live. The meaning of success in life is different for different people. Some are happy and contented with very little in life while others may not. The need for survival is first priority for all and have to work for a living. And a well-organized and planned life is the best.

Learning to change Dreams into Goals

There are thousands of professions and it is not possible and not necessary to learn about all. But we need to know the basic rules how to focus on what we want to do in life. Careers fall into different categories. Some are unique and you get only one chance to achieve them. Like for becoming a Doctor Pilot or Army Officer you have to start preparing at an early age. Some jobs you can start even late or any time in your life. Gaining knowledge through recommendations on achieving your dreams is very important.

You need to know what your dream is and then take the steps to move forward. The courses and training for personality development and improving communication skills and learning time management all need planning.

Short-term and Long-term Objectives of Life

If you jump in the water without knowing to swim, what will happen? Drowning chances will be very high. The same is with opting to do some business in life without knowledge training or experience, chances of failure will be high.

Some of us are fortunate and win prosperity and accomplishment for our entire life but it’s not the luck of all. There are different kinds of situations with different people. And we need to prepare for that too. If we are well trained we will know how to get control of any state of affairs. Jobs and careers are not permanent always and we need to be prepared to face the change. Chances of failure decrease.

I would conclude by saying that career counseling is really important as it saves us from wasting time money and energy. Career counseling is a very vast and deep-rooted topic. We can make the right decisions at the right time and be happy contented and successful in life. All motives are gained easily with correct guidance.

William Shakespeare’s quote explains beautifully that human beings need to take advantage of the TIDE in their life. Their life is influenced by two things fate and free will. We need to recognize the opportunities or warnings.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”.

By Parveen Rizvi

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