Inner Beauty Vs Outer Beauty- What matters the most?

Inner Beauty Vs Outer Beauty

Inner beauty is radiation found deep within. I would quote the words of Khalil Gibran. ” Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a Light in the Heart.” 

Khalil Gibran explains the meaning of inner beauty in his verses. It helps you to influence the world around you. The good values in you are revealed through it. It gives you the strength to perform great actions in life.

For me, inner beauty is the real being of anyone. It is the most powerful valuable and strong thing in life. It is never lost or damaged. It never fades and it never becomes faded.  Your inner grace is very essential as it helps you to attain peace, respect, contentment, and light in your life.

To understand it better, let us compare it with outer beauty.

I would say, both can be attractive but, Outer beauty changes with time/ age and we have no control. Inner beauty stays under control and does not change with time/age. Outer beauty can be a fake attraction and it can be deceiving at times.

Inner grace is the REAL YOU. It creates your personality. It is your image by which you will be remembered after you leave this world.

Societies look at beauty with different standards. The meaning of inner and outer can be different for different people.

Can we make a positive change ? Yes, we can by…..

Teaching Our Kids- Mothers can teach their kids the value of inner beauty.

Changing Yourself- We can learn to compliment more the personality and character of people instead of outer looks.

Loving Our Grace- Get inspired and motivated by our grace all the time and the people will feel the same about us. We will be with peace in life.

In conclusion, I would recommend the book ‘The Art of Inner Beauty’ written by Grace Scott.

By Parveen Rizvi 

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