Internet Memes- What’s in a Meme?

Internet Memes- What's in a Meme

The advent of technology has led to creating many opportunities for billions of people around the world. From live videos to marketplaces, social media has given every individual an opportunity to express themselves. One of the interesting things that have emerged with the evolution of social media is the creation of “ internet memes”.  Yeah! That should bring a smile to your face.

A meme is usually a photo, video, or text shared over social media which is usually humorous and non-offensive in nature. The origins of memes particularly in the print media (newspapers etc) can be found in the fact that every newspaper had a section named “cartoon of the day” etc, without which the newspaper seemed incomplete. Today, that cartoon of the day has been transformed into millions of memes posted by social media users around the world. Thanks to the availability and speed of the internet that has helped human beings show their humorous side in a creative and digital way.

Internet memes have become part of our daily lives and the best thing is that they guarantee a laughter or smile on our faces. We love to share the memes with our friends, family, colleagues at the office just to share that spark of smile or laughter. In Pakistan, people generally share memes on the topics of politics, power breakdowns, characters in dramas, weather, etc and some of them have got viral. Interestingly, recently, a famous Pakistani meme on friendship got sold on an online platform which shows how the memes themselves are evolving as a commodity.

Wishing you a happy Meme!

By Dilshad

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