Island Gateways to Spend Vacations

Island Gateways of the World to Spend Vacations

Island is a piece of land with water all around it. Most Islands are separated from the mainland by the sea. The sea cuts off a piece of land to make a new island.

The British Isles are made up of two large islands and about a thousand smaller islands. Some islands were once joined to the mainland. The Isle of Wight was once joined to England. Thousands of years ago, it was cut off by the sea.

Some islands lie far out to the sea. The Hawaiian Island is the top of high mountains that rise up from the bottom of the sea. Coral Islands are made up of the shells of tiny sea animals.

1- Greenland Island

Green land is the largest one in the world, it is located between the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean, Northeast of Canada, and North West of Iceland. Some area of the Greenland is covered permanently with the snow approx. 33ft thick. 80% of its land is ice coated. The area of Greenland is about 2,166,086km square.

According to the area, the population of Greenland is quite small, approx.56,100 people live in the area which makes it the least densely populated place on the earth.  NUUK is the capital of Greenland island.

Its highest point is Gunnbjorn.  Greenland holds the oldest known rocks on the earth, dated at 3.7 billion years old.  The weather of Green land is cold always. It has cool summers and cold winters.

After Greenland, many larger islands are there in the world like the Island of MULL.

2- The third largest- Mull Island

The Island of Mull

MULL is the third largest island in the world.  The highest mountain on Mull is called Ben More. It is 966 meters high. Mull has many beautiful beaches.


Most of the people live in the largest town, Tobermory. There are old castles on Mull for visitors to look around, like Duart Castle, which was built in the 13th century. People have lived on Mull since Stone Age times.


The main work on Mull is planting and cutting down trees, there are farms called crofts.


More than 600,000 visitors go to Mull each year. Near the coast of Mull, there are many smaller, rocky Islands. Lighthouses help to guide ships through the dangerous water.

3- The Bishop Rock

It is just ROOM ENOUGH Island in New York. It is about the size of a Tennis Court. Guinness’s book of world records once held, was Bishop Rock, an incredibly lonely lighthouse of the earth.

It is the most charming part of the land. Our vacations could be amazingly enjoyable if we choose to spend them on the Island. The environment will make us fresh and the beautiful view soothes our sight and soul.

By Shabina Ahmed

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