Isolation- A Miserable, Painful Tragic Tale

Isolation- A Miserable, Painful Tragic Tale

“Isolation- A miserable, painful tragic tale

Of an innocent dove,

Never believed the isolation of love.

On a night of thunder,

Wearing cotton shall, what is in the future? She did wonder.

In bonds, trust was a must she thought,

With dimpled smiles, stones hinder paths she realized with fraught.

Her world revolved around him, still forgot he her value she regrets amazed,

She chased an illusion she did not know in her craze.

Toiling hard, she waited outside closed doors in vain,

Waiting for stonehearted to turn rosy with disdain.

Why Beloved turned away without wrongdoing? She questioned.

Innocent she never realized she ignored calls of the One who never shunned.

Knew He she’d fall in pits dangerous more,

Endearments left her crying on the floor.

Those who fall are bound to rise,

They must after gloomy nights wait for the sun to rise.

Unaware that bitterness left allowing second chances,

Holding head high breathing freely she performed dances.

Gladly picked thorns for Charming’s affectionate glance,

Unknown that a mirage tested life’s stance.

Tolerated difficulties smiling,

Blessings follow a turmoil she reflected beaming.

Disguised tortures introduce worth.

Self-respect has been her right since birth.

A clueless day he left her alone,

With no anchor a survival on its own.

“Nothing without me! I leave you in darkness!”

“How would I survive?” She wondered in sullenness.

Pillows wet with tears, dark circles and a figure thin,

A painfully tragic and sorrowful tale to spin.

That melancholic woman has memorized a book of self-reliance now.

Neither a crying mess nor wounds unhealed. Time does flow!

On a deserted road, when they met again, he was pathos.

Eyes sleepless and beards have overgrown. He’d tasted life’s dose.

Dried roses from poetry books picking,

On his misery crying.

Teaching her isolation,

He learned seclusion.”

By Sumaiyah Ali (Rawalpindi)











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