Karachi- The City of Lights That Was

Karachi- The City of Lights

Karachi is known as the City of Lights due to its hustle and bustle day and night. I feel proud to be called a Karachite and gain enormous benefits out of my land. A city is a place surrounded by high skyscrapers, long bridges, and roads connecting areas spread wide from north to a south, thick population that locates itself in developed and marginalized areas by their caste, creed, and affordability. Big and giant shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools facilitate each and every citizen with the flexibility of touching skies or be on the surface. The most fascinating thing of this city that has marked its vital importance all over the country is the Arabian Sea that has bestowed high privilege by providing entertainment plus a port that connects the world with this nation and augment the economy of the country.  There are people who are migrated from other countries and have settled here or have migrated from different cities or rural areas, all are provided with survival needs by this megacity.

Karachi is dense by several factories providing employment to countless people in the city. The central city area still demonstrates old British times by its buildings and monuments. Old cultures and traditions are still followed that include traditional festivals, food, and living styles. It has also many footprints of the times of the old era in the subcontinent. The city is captured by many legal government places, embassies of different countries, and a huge Jinnah International airport that caters to the traffic of almost the whole nation. The city is also privileged by holding the responsibility of the tomb of great founder M. Ali Jinnah, people come and give honor to the founder by praying.

With the passage of time, the circumstances are getting worse day by day due to malfunctions, absence of systems, and no better supervision by government and lack of attention by Sindh government. Public services are not fulfilled properly, people are deprived of their basic rights like electricity, water supply, gas supply, maintenance of roads and sewerage system, green environment, and cleanliness all over the city. Public parks are demolished or remain barren all the time, with no surveillance towards corruption and illegal activities. Affluent people get rich day by day and the city gets thinner and thinner for the poor. Inflation and taxes have leveraged every common man and life in the city of lights have become a doomed life day by day. Politicians, religious parties or people with power, each and everyone has nothing to do with my city, it’s just the place of excavating benefits, yielding profits, and then leaving it with empty hands that has nothing to provide to its own citizens. People here try to keep their hands on everything and they spend their lives as orphans because the city has no norms, no support, and no power.

I would like to amplify my voice and rant to all  Karachites to gather power on our own, come and gather on streets and make this city independent. Karachi is filled with miracles and bounties of nature and independently it can touch the skies.

By Ramesha Istafa

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