Learn to love yourself even when you feel alone

Learn To Love Yourself-1Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish. It means to acknowledge yourself, it means making friends with one’s self. With this feeling of contentment, you won’t feel lonely because when we are alone we question our self that something is wrong with us? Which is not right. There is no harm to spend time with ourselves. Be it going out for a dinner or just sitting at your home and sipping a cup of tea. Planning a solo vacay is also not a bad idea… You don’t need others to complete your life so learn to love yourself even when you feel alone.

I know our society doesn’t accept this. I know if we see someone loving oneself we categorize them as self-obsessed or even depressed. But it’s high time we have to unlearn or unfollow these myths for the betterment of ourselves and our coming generations.

Before looking for a friend or a companion outside first we should be our own friend. Thinking of yourself as a worthy companion makes us respect ourselves more makes us accept ourselves with all our flaws and we start appreciating our strength. Having conversations with yourself doesn’t make you mad or ill. It’s a healthy practice which we should practice as it makes our inner self strong. We should nurture and blossom this relationship. No need to find anyone from outside to fill the void. Make yourself your first utmost priority. Realize and believe that we are our most loyal companions. This will help you to curb your loneliness.

Our mantra of life should be to honor one’s own solitude or befriend our own soul.

There is a major difference between being lonely or feeling lonely. Questioning yourself makes you feel the same and this is the first and the major reason for depression. This is the most common and natural emotion that we all have experienced at some point in our lives, and loving oneself helps you to overcome it. Loneliness is just a seed which if we don’t work on will either grow into a cactus of depression or into a luscious banyan tree of contentment and self-satisfactory.

So, now the journey begins by undoing or unlearning our preconceived notions or thoughts. By looking at yourself with love. Appreciate yourself, acknowledge you’re well-being. Stand in front of the mirror confidently being your best, look at yourself with empathy, and encourage yourself. Don’t wait or look for anyone to give you any kind of accreditation.

Be true to yourself and strive hard to be the best version of yourself with every passing time……..

By Sadhaf Zoya 

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  1. Excellent, good read…. we all need to introspect n that can be done by giving some lone time to oneself.. A good reminder to have some quality time with ourselves…..

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