Let Your Child Play In Mud

Let Your Child

Who does not want their child to get healthy with a strong immune system? The immune system is the system based on the body’s White Blood cells, antibodies, and some chemicals. The immune system helps in fighting viruses, bacteria, and all other germs.

Did you know before the best activity to enhance immunity in children is Playing in Mud? Yes, you read it right playing in mud is not a bad habit or activity as considered. It is a myth that your children will fall sick. Until today, people have thought that letting their kids playing in the mud, sand beaches, rainwater, and garden soil makes them sick. Whereas the truth is the opposite of it. These kinds of activities where they get in contact with natural soil make them healthier than before.

You must be thinking about how is this possible. Because when a child is born, he gets some microflora from their mother’s vaginal and placental microbiome. That makes a good starter pack for them. But as soon as they grow up, that doesn’t become enough. So giving your children exposure to natural soil, which is the best largest habitat of good bacteria, will give your children the best immune start to life.

Mud is full of beneficial microorganisms. When your child plays in sand, mud, or clay, he or she will get exposed to certain unknown bacteria and other microorganisms. The count of microorganisms is not enough to cause disease but good enough to stimulate antibody production in their bodies that means they are healthy than ever before. The benefits of playing in mud are not restricted to making immunity better, rather psychologists say that it makes you happier enhances their social skills.

Now, it is your responsibility to take your child out every day. Let them reveal the Magic of dirt!

By Asfa Asad

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