Life In lockdown-The Pandemic Through Our Eyes

Life In lockdown-The Pandemic Through Our Eyes

The world was moving at its own pace, everyone was busy in their own lives just like any other year when suddenly we saw headlines popping up. This wasn’t one-day news. Rather, we didn’t know what was coming our way. ‘The Novel Coronavirus’. It hit us so hard that we all had to accept its existence in our very own lives in few months. We learned words that we rarely used like social distancing, quarantine, isolation, sanitizing, vaccination and lockdown. In this blog, I will discuss life in lockdown that we have seen through our eyes during the ongoing pandemic.

Lockdown sounds like someone locked you up in jail and it was almost the same. A punishment where you are locked up for your good, without committing any crime. When it happened we all thought it will last some days or a month but little did we know, it was the start of a horrendous long, never-ending event.

Life In lockdown-The Pandemic Through Our Eyes

What did we do in Lockdown?

At first, it felt like a festival break for all but just after some days, it started making us realize that it is not a cakewalk. Lockdown is just a term but it felt different for different groups of people. For the rich, it meant having enough resources and time but no people around to share it with or just getting bored of watching Netflix.

For the poor, it meant having no shelter, no financial resources, no facilities to spend these tough days. They were forced to think if Covid is more dangerous or lockdown. It just worsened everything for people who stayed alone as they were their only partner to spend the lockdown. For people who hardly got time to spend with their family, it served as a reunion.

What effect did it have on our lives?

We do know, that everything in extreme is bad. People tried to move on and get used to the new normal. Our news feed was blessed with tempting dishes made by people in quarantine, with people getting into shape, trying and teaching new skills. But there’s always another side of the story. We saw people who are educated, skilled, and respectable posting requests for financial help and medical help. Lockdown affected all types of businesses because who would buy or invest in a pandemic anyway. This in turn affected jobs. World Economic Forum reveals that a total of 114 million people lost their jobs over 2020 which led to a $3.7 trillion loss in labor income. A layperson like me is also facing the brunt of it. The most gruesome part of this lockdown was losing your loved ones to Covid, forever!

More like a cherry on the cake, but bitter.
We, the people, whom covid has blighted wonder…
“Will everything ever look and feel like before?”
The question lingers…

By Habiba AmoudiĀ 

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