Live Every Moment to the Fullest & Enjoy Each Day

Live Every Moment to the Fullest & Enjoy Each Day

Live every moment because every moment of our life is very important. Every single moment. The good and bad, happy and sad, thrilled and calmed, excited and bored, succeeded and flopped, and literally every single moment. These little and big moments are what makes our entire life.  It all depends on how we react to these moments. So, when we come across a situation in life, how we react to it is what makes our life.

If something positive happens and we react very happily to it and carry on the happy vibe the whole day, then our entire day would have been a happy day but on the other side, if something negative happens, and if we carry on that mood the whole day, then the entire day would have been lost being sad, worried, etc.

If a negative moment occurs in our life, we should have the mental, emotional, and physical strength to handle and face it wisely and eventually come out of it. Because the negative moments are more impactful than the positive ones. Extreme positivity can be toxic too, it can make us may be overconfident, selfish, etc but a negative mindset can be very scary in many situations, like self-destructive or being a danger for other people. So, training our minds to be mindful during the most important moments of our life might leave us with possibly fewer regrets.

When we were kids, we felt a year was a long period of time, but these days, time’s flying, years are passing one after the other before we even know. We plan for an occasion for the next year and keep thinking that we have an ample amount of time, but before we know, the occasion date would be tomorrow. That’s how quickly, we are living.

So, living our life in the best way we can, should be our main GOAL!

The first thing that we must accept is that we can be making many mistakes while we try to deal with every situation. In spite we do our best if we feel like we’ve done a mistake, accepting our mistake is the key to a better life. Only when we can accept it, we can analyze how and where it went wrong and fix it the next time.

I try my best to remember most moments of my life. I keep a journal of my everyday life and how I felt about the best and worst moments of the day, this way, when I read through it at times, it teaches me lessons from my own life and how I should have or should not have reacted over a situation.

Another way how I capture moments and memories is by clicking pictures or videos. This usually happens during the good, happiness, excitement, and all the positive moments. Every time I see those, I feel like I’m reliving them in my head, I remember all the moments, before and after that click. It would also make me miss a few people who are no longer in my life, some might have passed away, others might have moved on and a few lost in this busy world, but then that’s life. Everyone is a passing cloud. While passing, they might help us live the best moments of our life and some might give us the hard and tough moments of our life, while others might just be there for us during these moments. But eventually, most of the people will pass just like a passing cloud…

We will also be a passing cloud in many people’s lives, lets try to be the ones who help them to be the best of themselves and live the best moments of their lives.

Live Every Moment to the Fullest & Enjoy Each Day!

By Hariza Zahir

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