Loneliness-Correlation Between Past And Future

Loneliness-Correlation Between Past And Future

“Sitting with loneliness 
Intermingling of thoughts
And their amalgamation

In a separate situation
The false theories
And their interpretation

The people from a distinct nation
Tend to come closer
In a difficult situation

Of course, you can nurture
In your isolation
By correlation between past and future

A life that provides with loads of tension
But ones who smile wholeheartedly
But others taking care of the caution

Oh! not to break the bridges
Oh! Not to fall into the ditches
And competes for greater riches

The feelings of prosperity
And give privacy ‘
Their priority

And of course at last
Nobody is their
But you and your past

Which makes you sit In isolation
Intermingled thoughts
And their amalgamation

In different session
Let’s work hard
of life and in its fashion

Where cries are hard to listen
But lies lead to treason
And at last you and your isolation

Don’t ever forget this caution
A happy life is it when
You’re in a peaceful silence then

The chirping of the birds
An utterance of the words
beauty and its essence

Enjoy for the nerds
The palaces and their tension
Even soothing for the lords

Through isolation
One can get really the escape
And it’s a true perception

Life gets a concession
Of dark days
And worst discussion

But just love ‘in to be
In isolation’ where tears are private
And nobody’s to see

When nobody’s in the mansion
Tear fall on and on
Soothing is every moment in isolation

 Looking inside
One can understand the ride
Of a fairy tale besides

 Broken hearts heal
All is can happen
Just being in isolation

 Friends who can’t feel
But you can only
Open heartedly and fully

Nobody Can Help out of a critical situation
Wipe  the tears and laugh louder
Real calmness and happiness is only in loneliness.”

 By Sadia Aziz









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