Lost Love-The Darker Side Of Humans



Lost Love-The Darker Side Of Humans

“People say that life is like a flower of happiness. It blooms every day, but I think life is like a burweed that hurts you. It is not a flower that blooms every day. I lost everything that I had once. The only love that I lost was my daughter. Have you ever seen a woman without a soul? A woman without a heart? I am a helpless mother. I lost my only child. I lost my love.

I am a person who has already died!”

She often wrote these kinds of wrenching words in her diary because there was no one who could understand her pain. So, she stopped talking.

Maryam was a school teacher. She lived with her daughter happily. After that horrible incident, everything changed at once. She never laughed again. Tears were running down her eyes but the pain was still there. This horrible incident broke her heart. It broke her into pieces. She was like a glass that falls and scatters everywhere. However, others cannot do anything. Every day was so beautiful and lovely for them before she lost her daughter.  She remembered that day when she was playing happily outside the house. However, then she disappeared. She was a six years old beautiful girl. After 2 days, the police had found her dead body. Someone had killed her brutely. That was the time when her mother also died with her. She had become a dead body. A cadaver!

“Life is so cruel sometimes. She cried. However, she picked up her pen and started writing again.

“I lost my daughter and there was no one who can stand with me, neither my family nor friends. Everyone has changed at once. I know why because I have nothing left. I have lost everything I had once.”

Ting Tong, Ting Tong The doorbell rang twice.

“Open the door Maryam it is me Ansa!” she said with a low tone. When she opened that door, she started weeping. Both hugged each other.

“Are you all right?” Her close friend Ansa asked.

“Have you seen the darker side of humans… ?” She asked seriously.

“Stop doing that dear!”

“No, please tell me… just tell me?”

“No!” she felt bad for her friend.

“ I have seen dark humans. He stole my girl and killed her badly. I hate him!” Tears rolled down her eyes. “I want my girl back Ansa. I cannot live without her. Why did he not kill me instead of my daughter?”

“Please do not say that Maryam. You know how much I love you.”

“Forget everything.  Tell me about your life?”

Maryam tried to change the topic.

“I’m all fine. Listen Maryam I want you to come with me and please do not refuse.”

“Sorry! I can not go anywhere.” She stood up and went to the kitchen.

At midnight, when she was in her bed, She was lying unconscious and she heard some voices again in her dream. Her daughter was crying for help “Help me, Mom! Somebody help me” She was crying so loudly and painfully. She was hurt badly There were scars on her face and she was dying alone. She called for help but no one heard her.

Maryam suddenly woke up and took a deep breath. She started crying loudly. She wanted to get rid of that pain. A mother wanted justice for her daughter.

The next morning, she raised her voice against that rapist, that darker human, and a friend. She just wanted justice for her daughter

The media was already there for coverage.



People held banners that said justice. People demanded justice and that cost too much for poor people.

A poem was playing once again.  She repeated its verses. However, she started weeping and fallen down to the floor.

“Twinkle Twinkle

Little Star…

How I wonder

What you are…”

“When I raised my voice against my daughter’s murderer, I thought that that was the moment when justice would be served. However, Courts released that assassin after two years. They forgot Raya’s murder. No one remembered us!

My friend Ansa told me that I need to move on. I should forget everything and live a new happy life. How could I do that? I have lost my love and it’s impossible for me to live without her.

How could I forget my innocent Raya? She was my shining star ….What if we have only one source of light and someone takes it from us? Raya was that kind of light for me… How could I forget her while I am in darkness? I am still in search of that light.”

“Did you hear that news? He was released on a bail.” Ansa was sitting infront of her on the couch.

“I know justice costs too much and I can not afford it because I do not have much money and I can not buy justice for me, and I lost my love.” She said and crying.

By Fatima Sheikh

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  1. Oh my god the story was so heart wrenching. And you know what hurts more? The realization that it is the truth for alot of people today</3
    You are an amazing writer fatima!

  2. Argh.. Wish we witness the change in our systems as we desire. 😔
    Nevertheless, well knit and strong words ♥ loved it…

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