My Second Home- Welcome to KSA

My Second Home- Welcome to KSA

When we were moving to KSA, it was a new journey for me as a female. I heard many stories about how this was a very conservative society. I was mentally prepared for this.

In a few days, I realized how beautiful this country and that’s why many expatriates living here for many years full of life. I am a big witness to how this country evolved.

I saw that time when you have to cover your head, when you are out or public spots, during salat time everything closed, without man, a woman can not travel or so-called mehrum she can’t go out, women can’t drive, it was not very common to see mix gathering, no cinemas, no entertainment like concerts but I always feel that we all were very happy to be a part of this culture and never felt isolated or bored.

Every day my connection with this place was getting stronger, even whenever I visit my home country I always want to come back.

Now, I am seeing the new era of KSA, where females are working everywhere. They are more competitive and focused.  A lot of entertainment places including cinemas have opened t enjoy with families. Even women can drive and move freely everywhere.

I feel that I am so lucky to see all this development, and I would love to share my experience with those who are planning to come here. This is a really beautiful country and their people are very loveable, honest, and humble.

They are always very welcoming for the expatriates that’s why you can see the compounds system for expatriates, so they can enjoy their life within the compound with their privacy.

I know many different nationalities who are living here in different compounds for many years and now enjoying their life with their own privacy.

I call it my second home and would love to share my experience and memories who is desperately looking true picture of it.

By Saima Arif 

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