Network Marketing as a Career- Why?

Network Marketing as a Career- Why

I Chose Network Marketing as a Career. “Why”
The Why Behind the What– The Importance Of Knowing The Reason “WHY” in this field.

The most important work I can do is to make a team of new members. I find my ‘Why’ after making a team as it connects me emotionally to develop a successful business.   My “Why” is my long term vision for success in my business.

How I Took The Start & What I got? 

When I consider starting it as a business, I got incredibly amazing benefits while working with an ethical company – Oriflame.  After stepping into the field of network marketing, I set my own working rules, like; the flexibility to work in my free time as I always want.

Network Marketing is important because it enables me to earn more and work less.  I, as a housewife, can’t go out, and in this case, I had to look for a home business that helps me to earn more, but with flexible working hours. To be honest, it’s not just given me chance to grow up and celebrates my achievements but also meet new friends to make the celebration double. I enjoy the freedom of financial stability by working from home through social media.

I would say we got leaders as a moderator too. They help us to grow our business, building teams, and nobody let me down as the word ‘Networking’ has a clear meaning of bonding. I just follow the footprints of my mentors and the work is done, best part is that I’m my own boss.

As every coin has two sides, so there are some pros and cons of it that we should know about.

-Advantages of Network Marketing 

  • Team Work
  • Team Building
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Bonding
  • Building Trust, and so on.

– Disadvantages of Network Marketing

  • Most sales are face-to-face. …
  • It takes time to grow. …
  • There is a lot of rejection involved. …
  • Sponsors aren’t always good mentors. (Must get Inquisition about sponsor before joining them).

– Network Marketing is better than a Job

A person in an in-house job is controlled by his/her boss. They share their experiences and ideas to grow business and they have a fixed salary.

Network Marketing is a personal business as there is no boss. Even the leaders are there to support you or give ideas to grow your own business from start till unlimited earnings.

– It Is Better Than Traditional Marketing

1- Traditional Marketing take much investment, Network marketing takes less investment.

2.  Traditional company pays a fee for advertising, they are hoping to sell a product. While in Network Marketing, no one needs to pay for advertising because a network already doing it.

3. Traditional Marketing pays employees while teaching them business. Network Marketing gets a commission from the team while teaching them.

4. Feature of traditional marketing after 10 years is 1 shop to nothing more little higher income actually. While Network Marketing after 10 years earning is 6 to 8 digits could be easy.

I give 100% Yes, as it is not just a great career option, yet a smart people business.

By Sualiha Naz Imran Ghazi

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