Oriflame- a beauty brand (PR Review)

Oriflame- a beauty brand (PR Review)

A few days back, I received PR Package by Oriflame – a beauty brand which is the fastest growing cosmetics company- initially announced its best quality products in June 2013.

Thank you so much Sualiha Imran (a beauty consultant & founder of  ‘Colors & Consultancy’) for adding me to your PR list, and sending me a valuable kit including ‘Activelle’ (anti-boost 72hours deodorant spray, ‘Milk & Honey’ Sugar Scrub, and ‘Giordani Gold’ CC Cream, SPF 35.

‘Activelle’ (anti-boost deodorant spray) gives you up to 72 hours of antiperspirant protection and it also controls excessive sweat. I fell in love after using it and I think it’s fantastic for everyone as its lasting fragrance would be a plus point.

‘Milk & Honey’ Sugar Scrub removes dead skin cells, exfoliate, and nourish. It’s a perfect combo of moisturizing and conditioning vitamins, minerals, and proteins which makes your skin soft and fragrant. After using it twice a week, I got amazing results as I feel my skin smooth, removes dead cells easily, cleanses skin without drying it out too much.

Giordani Gold CC Cream is an all-in-one make-up and skincare solution with a unique combo of lightweight texture, intense moisturization, and lasting medium coverage make-up. It improves skin’s clarity and luminosity over time. SPF 35, the super-light weighted formula is a perfect solution for skincare. It would be best if you are looking for some light texture base foundation for party look make-up.

These budget-friendly skincare products by Oriflame would be the best solution for all your skin related problems. You should give it a try for once!

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A Review By Pirah Aijaz 

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  1. Indeed! I myself became much satisfied with Oriflame’s products that I use. My next target is Sugar Scrub! 😍 In sha Allah

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