People With Special Abilities In Pakistan, New Perspective

People with Disabilities
A person with special abilities or people with disabilities (PWD) faces discrimination that restricts them from participating in our society on an equal basis such as in the school system, workplaces, to vote, to participate in sports, cultural activities, access to justice, medical treatment and live independently in a community. Mostly Pakistani government neglected to work on their rights even the infrastructure design of all civil, public, and private departments need to be accessible for all. The government merely reserved the employment quota of just 2% by constitutional law however most of these departments have a deficiency of basic daily facilities.

-Rights of Special People

CRPD defined disability as long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis. Convention on rights of a person with disabilities (CRPD) is United Nations human rights convention or treaty to protect their rights and to ensure equality, life with dignity and respect of their own integrity by providing an appropriate environment.

-A figure of People with Disabilities

In the entire world population, 1 billion people are tackling or experiencing disabilities which is 15% of the total world population.  In Pakistan the aggregate figure of disabled people according to WHO is over 30 million while the government figure according to census report was very low however, the actual figure is still a dilemma.

Types of Disabilities

Globally there are as many types of disabilities as mentioned below with their proper description.

According to all the above types of disabilities, the Pakistani government is unable to identify the accurate figure of each disability. However new elected prime minister reserved funds for 1 special person’s family in the poverty alleviation program of the Ehsaas program with minimal amount. There are thousands of cases identified by free media in which families suffer from having more than two-three four special persons having no means of livelihood to avail their basic needs.

During the COVID recession period, the government morale was at rock bottom to provide for the families of special persons as they can’t even identify and access them through proper means.

By Mehreen Ayub

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  1. Excellent write-up with a complete overview, these kinds of articles will help in awareness at government level and they will be sensitized to make policies related to them. Thanks for writing about us.

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