PR Review- Oriflame and Bright Dream World

PR Review- Oriflame

Sualiha Imran, a beauty consultant … Thank you for adding me to your PR list once again and for sending me an incredibly amazing PR deal.

The Customized Locket Chain is absolutely stunning. It’s good and ideal to flaunt your style and make a dazzling impression on people. I love it.

Oriflame- Oncolor Big Lash Mascara-waterproof (42273). It’s a must-have make-up product. Amazing result. It’s best for parties and weddings. Give it a try!

Spring Blossom Hand Cream is good for skin. Leaves your skin soft without any moisture feeling. From now and onwards, Spring Blossom Hand Cream would be my first preference.

Clarifying Face Scrub and Purifying Face Mask (32652) is good for exfoliating dead skin cells, deep cleansing, clear blackheads and spots. It’s good for instant results. I’m in love with it.

Oriflame Replenishing Banana Hair Mask/Smoothie is all you need to give your hair natural, delicious, and healthy treat. It’s easy to apply and it’s fragrance is too good. I got quick results after applying for the first time. It’s best for your dry hair. Give it a try!

Oriflame Giordani Lip Pencil (31382) is another must-have make-up product and I love using it. I’m fond of using lip liners due to my thin lips shape, and Giordani would be the best choice. So, I would definitely add this make-up product on my bucket list.

Bright Dream World Perfume– long-lasting perfume. I’m using it for the first time but now, it’s must have product for me. Don’t forget to try it out!

Bright Dream World Soap – It’s smell is so good. It rinses clean away, and leaves me smelling fresh.

The PR combo was superb and all products were in good quality.

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A Review By Pirah Aijaz 

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