There’s one thing you can be sure of about life, it’s that we’ve each experienced one or more major life challenges and lived to tell others about it. We are, in essence, all recovering from something. What are you recovering from?

Lost Love – Who among us hasn’t suffered the loss of great love?

Perhaps the relationship you had with your high school crush fell apart and you’ve never gotten over it. Maybe she/he became the one you compared every partner to since.

You may have had a relationship break up because the two of you simply couldn’t agree on a major aspect of your future like you wanted to have kids but your partner didn’t, or you planned to move to a big city, but your love wanted to stay in your hometown.

Whatever the case, you’re left with emotional anguish that will stay with you until you resolve it. Lost love will, in essence, become a part of your emotional baggage until you act to recover from it.

Love Your Family

Relationships are the heart and soul of life. To truly taste the sweetness of life, take every step to connect more closely with those you love, like a spouse, kids, and friends.

Share your emotions honestly with them.

Notice how they feel and act. Comment or ask about their feelings and actions.

Ensure that you are really “there” with a loved one, in terms of your attention, interest, emotions, and spirit.

“Given love and opportunity, every child and adult can recover.

All who know this and have the capacity to help others should assist as they can.” By Dallin H. Oaks


The dynamic process of life—trying, succeeding, failing, and trying again—is the only way to develop lasting confidence in ourselves.

We learn through experience that we can both succeed and recover from failure. We also learn to be humble and so develop a view of ourselves

These relationships don’t just happen magically; they grow and are sustained through attentive care and hard work. Mature love—whether in marriage, family relationships, or friendships—is a dynamic, living experience.

By Nafees Shakeel